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Current Work/TODOs


We're making a list of e-mail input field names: Labs/Contacts/Autocompletion Names


  • Windows Contacts support
  • Linux support - Ubuntu first?
  • Fix logging from resource.js

User Interface

  • Implement "merge" and "split" in the Contacts view. Persist data into the person record to allow the merge to persist across data refresh (pending on internal JSON work)
  • Support multi-selection in the Contacts view (?)


  • Windows Live
  • AOL Mail
  • Twitter: more than 100 contacts
  • Other social networks? Orkut, hi5, Raptr, Hyves

Discoverers? May not be worth it, since we'd prefer to get this advertised to us through an identity endpoint.

  • FriendFeed discoverer (search on email, then get service list)
  • Other media discoverers: Picasa, Youtube, Vimeo, Smugmug, Pandora, Digg, Reddit
  • Review discoverers: Flixstr, Goodreads, LibraryThing
  • One or more of the location providers