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F1-icon-128.png F1 2011 Roadmap
Owner: Bryan Clark Updated: 2018-04-19
User Goals:
  • Create a fun, fast, and reliable system that encourages people to share
  • Embrace the different types/levels of sharing people are comfortable with

Platform Goals:

  • Create a trusted partner for people to share links through
  • Standardize pieces of the link sharing activity, open it up to more players
  • Reduce the sharing NASCAR effect on sites
    • Work with sites to provide mutually beneficial user interactions


Mozilla F1 is a simple and fast sharing service designed to enhance the sharing experience of the browser, Firefox, when sharing web sites.

The name F1 is a project name that is not necessarily the final name when compared with more standardized/branded names like Firefox Share.
The project is both a hosted service and an add-on to Firefox. The hosted service acts as an OAuth proxy service which the add-on uses to push shares through.


F1 has 3 bugzilla components for bug tracking

Feature Blocks

The are the feature blocks which appear in the Firefox/Flight Tracking. These feature blocks are in top down order of priority. The required line indicates a minimal set we would not back out of the release train if they all landed. These feature sets should conform to the Feature Page Structure

Minimal F1 Feature

This is the bare minimum pieces needed to use the F1 share feature starting with 1 working account (Twitter)
Feature Status ETA Owner
F1 Preferences/Account Settings Preferences pane landed, blocked on bug 653002 for OS styling 2011-05-05 Bryan Clark
F1 Twitter Account Initial prototype. Blocked on staging server running bug 650900 and bug 653002 for OS styling. 2011-04-27 Bryan Clark
Share Server Blocked on staging server, bug 650900 2011-05-05 Bryan Clark

Facebook Sharing Account

Implement the Facebook account interface

GMail Sharing Account

Implement the GMail account interface

JavaScript Share API

navigator.share api

Localized Share Services

Additional sharing services which are popular in different locales

Anonymous URL Statistics

Anonymous URL sharing statistics

Yahoo Mail Sharing Account

Implement the Yahoo Mail account interface