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This is a tentative roadmap for Joey; commentary is welcome on the Discussion page.

Don't edit this page!

Also note that the version below applies to the overall package of Joey including the midlet, server code, and firefox addon. All Joey components have different specific version numbers and are rev'ed independently.

Joey 0.1

( completed March 2007 )

Release a 0.1 milestone which:

  • Provide useful meta data (e.g. text clippings, saved photos, some subset of microsummaries) to a Firefox user via their mobile phone
  • Users can examine and manage this meta data from within Firefox
  • Allow third party developers to build addons taking advantage of this system
  • Build expertise in mobile software development and deployment.
  • Release sample code into the community

Joey 0.2

( work in progress. scheduled Sept 2007 )

  • Improved XHTML mp interface for the Joey server
    • optimized for mobile screens.
    • zero install option for many mobile handsets
    • A "start page" with favorite URLs and most recently uploaded content
  • Tighter experience mobile / Firefox3 integration
    • Better handling of RSS feeds / Podcasts
    • extend on places to provide top bookmarks, history, ect. to mobile
  • J2me Midlet features:
    • Better support video, audio support where possible.
    • Offline storage
    • Periodic updates
    • Cleaner workflow/usability
  • Further Website UI clean up.
    • Further AJAX-ify website.
    • Finish design implementation.
  • More promotion and community building.
    • Speaking about Joey at OSCON, MM, and related events.
  • Server admin functionality
    • Better measurement reporting on usage.
    • Ability to purge old data (retention policy)
  • Unplanned performance work was required and cost a few weeks of time.
  • Investigation a sharing or social aspect of Joey.

- Details TBD.

Joey 0.3

( work in progress. scheduled Dec 2007 )

  • Finish work on the j2me midlet.
    • automate build and push process
  • Be more consistent with releases between server/addon/midlet
    • Allow Firefox Addon to notify user of new version including "what changed/what is new"
    • Allow midlet to do a similar notification
    • Do pushes of midlet/addon/server code instead of incremental changes.
  • Code Cleanup
    • Remove PHP dependency during microsummary updates.
  • TBD