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Joey » Firefox Extension

Current Milestone

* Localization support ( added pt-BR as the testcase ) 
* Usability review - please help using and feedback mgalli @ 
* Web Services discussion / enable multiple AJAX solutions in the front-end?


FF UI Theme and Functional Hot Areas

Documentation or what's learned in terms of hot areas for specific functions ( download management view, passwd management view, status bottom bar, Feed and microsummaries feedback.



Joey Addon detects if a page has an RSS link, and allows the end-user to upload it to the remote Joey cloud. If there are other meaningful links associated with the current web page, Joey Addon wants to be sensitive to this information, highlight these linked types, and probably provide specific shortcut functions so the end-user can store these content/types. By identifying microsummaries, we can also add value to an URL that is already in the Joey cloud. This section organizes some of the popular microsummaries. Our end-goal is to improve Joey's addon detection so that the information stored in the server can have more value, more links to related value, and use less data space.

List of interesting micro summaries:

  • geo
<span class='geo' style='display:none'><span class='latitude'>-23.529366</span><span class='longitude'>-46.628379</span></span>

Demo of previous prototype 1

* Joey Add on in FF


As of now items are separated by functional aspect. Some of these UE functions may be combined soon under certain UI elements.

Development Features

* Log window - we will disable in the future. 

Upload Check Status

* Items recently uploaded

Access to Cloud / Management Rearrangement UI

* Ways to access the server cloud from the Addon
* Server UI ( php front-end ) working with Joey Addon - can we take advantage so that Joey addon knows that the user is on the Joey front-end management page and present short cuts and quick actions for its cloud management. 
* Which is the real separation of the Web UI and the Addon? 
* Is there a notification mechanism besides FF extension update? 

Contextual Actions

* Context menu active items ( Selected area, image, text, feeds ) 
* Places 
* Microsummaries ( myk )


* Logout / Login ( we support only one Joey user account ) 
* Server cloud URI

Related bugs or Documentation

* Tracking XMLHTTPRequest uploaded data ( ) thansk to Christian Biesinger - <cbiesinger>

Related Discussion

* Joey Cloud inventory exposed as RSS / microsummaries 
* Third party developers and Joey API / Addon to be an example of app ?
* Joey Server(d) front-end with AJAX like UI ( backbase, other ), RSSible