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Personas Update Service


  • Every 24 hours the client will request an update to the directory by requesting the latest list from the Personas sever using the URL scheme provided below.
  • The update request will return a JSON file that provides the current list of available Personas.
  • No personally identifiable or potentially personally identifiable information shall be tracked or recorded in any way.

Format of Update Request
  •  %REQ_VERSION% is the version of the request;
  •  %ITEM_ID% is the UUID of the selected persona (e.g. 22);
  •  %ITEM_VERSION% is the version of the selected persona (e.g. 1);
  •  %ITEM_DURATION% is the timestamp the persona was selected;
  •  %APP_ID% is the UUID of the application;
  •  %APP_VERSION% is the version of the application (e.g. 3.0.6);
  •  %APP_LOCALE% is the locale of the application (e.g. en-US);
  •  %APP_OS% is the target OS;
  •  %APP_ABI% is the target architecture