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For Admins

The Litmus Admin tools should be used for adding new test cases to Litmus:

Some catch points:

1) All test cases belong in FFT. Only the most basic user cases should be in the BFT. Don't add test cases to the smoketests without approval from the Litmus leads.

2) Once a test case has been created and assigned to testgroups and subgroups (this can be done while creating the test case), go to management subgroups. The list on the right side of the manage subgroup page is the order in which the test cases appear in a test run. Move the new test case from the bottom of the list into position such that it promotes a logical testing flow.

3) If you need a permanently hosted test file check this page.

For Non-Admins (i.e. regular users or testers)

We encourage people from the community to help fill out our test suite.

First and foremost, we are looking for regression testcases for existing bugs in Bugzilla. Prospective testcases should be attached to the appropriate bug for review. To be included in Litmus, the testcase must provide the following information:

Testgroup: name (and ID if known and not for a new testgroup)
Subgroup: name (and ID, if known and not for a new subgroup)
Testcase: name
Author email: your Litmus email (if you have a Litmus account,
  and would like to be credited for this testcase)
Steps to perform:
Expected Results:
Regression Bug ID#: (if applicable)

The exact formatting isn't strictly important so long as all the necessary information is present and is presented legibly. It is our goal is to deputize testcase submitters to update Litmus on their own (i.e. give them some form of admin access) once they have proven themselves by submitting several well-written testcases.

If you are adding an entirely new testgroup and/or subgroup, we need to know: name, testgroup name (for subgroups), product, and branch.

If Bugzilla is daunting, or you simply want to point out spelling or formatting errors in existing Litmus testcases, please just send email to indicating the testcase (and testcase ID#) and your suggested changes.