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Litmus Roadmap


Litmus is the new integrated testcase management and QA tool that is designed to improve workflow and turnaround time in the Mozilla QA process. It is first and foremost designed as a replacement for Testrunner, but will also have additional functionality.

At the time of writing, Litmus is sitting at version 0.5. This version designation is based on the version tag of 0.2 that was attached to the code when I first started with it, the features that have been added since, and the number of features remaining to be added to be feature-complete for a 1.0 release.

This document is then a description of our current thinking on how we intend to get to Litmus 1.0 from where we are currently. Milestones beyond 1.0 are included for planning purposes, but are purely speculative for now.

I'm loosely following the Roadmap format used by Ben Goodger for the Firefox 2.0/3.0 Roadmap.


We are planning a number of interim milestones on the road to 1.0. These milestones are largely feature-based. All development work will be done in the staging/sandbox environment, and will be migrated to the official Litmus site when we are feature complete with proper testing for each milestone.


Milestone Release Date Bugs Features
0.2 2005-07-01 ? Basic functionality: run tests, view testcases
0.5 2005-10-14 304708, 302688 Test result searching and basic reporting, look-and-feel update
0.6 (current) May 2006 314928 Bugzilla auth integration, testdays
0.7 December 2006 314938, 314942 Test run add/modify/delete (requires some db redesign)
0.8 January 2007 314936 Web services for automated test result submission from test farm, reporting overhaul
0.9 February 2007 314943, 314945 Admin tools, product-level admin, data retention policy and tools
1.0 March 2007 Feature complete
1.1 Spring 2007 Bug fixes resulting from 1.0
1.5 Spring 2007 Refactoring, database design analysis and update
2.0 Late Spring 2007 Litmus as standalone product? Migration to Catalyst?

Release Dates and Timing

The above estimates are for 0.5 FTE, based on the amount of time that I(Coop) and Zach have been able to devote to the project in any given week thus far. The dates are tentative and serve only to give you an idea of the relative position of one release from another. If both Zach and I are able to work in parallel successfully, features may get rolled up into earlier releases, but it's just as likely that dates will slip due to other committments (build/releases/school).

As an update, we've had very much less than 0.5 FTE available to work on Litmus over the past year (2006). I'm striving to finish up the remaining functionality for v1.0 by the end of Q1 2007.