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Previously, Litmus needed to have different testcases for each subgroup for a Product. This was highly annoying when updating testcases, since one would need to update the testcase in each subgroup each time they made changes. There is now a better solution.


"Syncing" testcases between subgroups is fairly simple (with admin. access, at least).

  1. Click the "Manage Subgroups" link on the Admin panel on the left side of Litmus.
  2. Filter by Product and Subgroup till you find which testgroup you want.
  3. It's easiest to do this if you open up two tabs, one for each subgroup. For example, one for FF2.0 > FFTs > Tabbed Browsing and one for FF2.0 > BFTs > Tabbed Browsing.
  4. Find a testcase you want to share from a subgroup and note its number.
  5. Go to the subgroup that doesn't have this testcase and search for it in the "All Testcases For Product" list. Hint: You can focus this list and start typing the testcase number to select it.
  6. Once you've selected the testcase you want to share, click the "=>" button to move it over the subgroup.
  7. To remove the old, unshared testcase just select it and click the "<=" button to move it out of the subgroup.
  8. Once you're done click the Submit Edits button to make your changes.


  • Once you add a testcase, it's easy to move it over to additional subgroups using this technique.
  • It's easy to update testcases in FFTs and then sync with BFTs (since BFTs should be a subset of FFTs).