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Litmus To-Do List

Here's some things that Litmus needs. If you feel like taking one of these tasks on, great! Just post about your progress on this page.

Unclaimed Tasks

  • Attachments: do we still have a need for attachments? We're not trying to replace Bugzilla here, and there's a pretty high potential for abuse. We might want to allow this for community proposals for changes to test cases.
  • Test result/run comparison: we need to be able to compare single test results head-to-head, and we also need to display comparisons between entire test runs. We can take a page from LXR's book and mark up the deltas in special colors to facilitate comparisons. We might also want to use some AJAX to roll-up the parts of the comparison that are the same.

Claimed Tasks

Chris Cooper

  • Completed Tasks
    • Litmus i18n
    • Test Runs: this is the major piece that is present in Testrunner but still missing in Litmus. Design is listed in Litmus:Design#Replicate_Testrunner_Functionality.
    • Updated reporting tools: since these tools need to know about test runs anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to update them as well.
    • Administration Interface
    • Testcase/Subgroup/Testgroup Management
    • add "Search for testcase" functionality -> search by: testgroup, subgroup, product
    • added full-text search (by summary, steps, expected results)
    • database re-architect for test runs;
    • add group listing (i.e. this testcase belongs to the following groups)
    • only display testcases that are not marked as obsolete to regular testers. Admin can see all testcases.
    • script to grab/update test cases from Testrunner
      • add Testrunner ID and version fields to Litmus tests table
    • get litmus mailing alias setup
      • we're going to tag along on the existing mailing list
    • Litmus Roadmap
      • milestones + dates for version 1.0 and beyond
    • Reporting/Querying
    • New Schema
    • UI Improvement
    • Multiple comments and bug numbers per test result
    • Migration of New Firefox 1.5 BFTs from Testrunner to Litmus
    • General Litmus cleanup prior to community testing debut of Litmus
      • no results text for statistics
      • improve front page UI: login box, make results display less wide, interim logout functionality
      • comment icons à la tinderbox
    • fix the percentage system used for running tests
      • make percentages based on build ID, rather than time
      • display community coverage percentages as well as personal percentages

Zach Lipton

  • Completed Projects
    • User info: personal pages for testers where they can change their information.
    • The testdata filter
      • The testdata filter (in is in pretty bad shape and needs to get fixed. It likely opens us up to XSS attacks if we actually had a real cookie to attack. Zachlipton 11:03, 28 Jul 2005 (PDT)
    • litmusconfig.js
      • Select boxes need to be converted to pull data from litmusconfig.js rather than the clunky show/hide div approach. Zachlipton 15:47, 29 Jul 2005 (PDT)
    • Precompiled templates
    • Authentication: there is currently no authentication in Litmus. We accept the first email address the user provides when testing, use this to build a cookie, and then never let them change it (without removing the cookie, of course). We need to implement proper authentication:
      • Status: Initial version checked into CVS 1/7/06. Working on migration to allow user accounts from the previous system to be used under the new authentication system.
    • Update Documentation
      • How to checkout Litmus from CVS doc on wiki
      • Update README
      • Update INSTALL
      • Update auth information on wiki and add API description
    • User management: admin tools for working with user accounts;
    • Web Services Interface - Design
      • Need to have a XML-RPC whatever interface to Litmus to get tests, submit results, etc...