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A number of localization projects - for instance the SuMo, AddOns, MDN to name the biggest - is running via Localize,mozilla.org site. I had a look at the numbers and came up with the following grouping of language teams involved:

  • Window shoppers: completion level ~ 1%, number of project 1-2, of small sizes. The favourite project in this group is Bugzilla Component Descriptions with 121 words to be translated.
  • Tyre kickers: they have on average 4-5 projects, completed 25% on average, and working on a portfolio half the possible maximum size.
  • The cautious: one would be tempted to include them in the window shoppers' group (1-2 small size projects), but their average completion level is at respectable 94%. One can expect they will come back for more.
  • VTOLS: they have 3-4 projects of ~20% of the total, with the completion level close to 50%. They are taking off - vertically.
  • Working class heroes: a group with distinctly higher number of projects (6-7) , average portfolio size above 50% and an attractive average completion level of ~70%.
  • The awesome: they have ~10 projects active, amounting to close to 90% of the total portfolio, with the average competion level of 92%.

In any case differences in experience and expertise are evident (after all we all started as tyre kickers, have we not). I will give some advice, based on my experience, and hope to ellicit some discussion and Q&A, involving older birds of feather.

I see this as a lightning talk, followed by hopefully some discussion. A draft version of the talk is available here: http://tbl10nsl.blogspot.com/2011/11/thar-she-blows-quantitative-look-at-l.html.