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Welcome to the MC Project Wiki!
MC — which stands for Mozilla Communities — is a project which aims to empower Mozillians with all the tools they need to get their community's presence off the ground and keep it up-to-date, in an engaging and exciting way.

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Get In Touch

If you are already running a local Mozilla community site or are interested in local Mozilla community sites, please join the discussion! Feel free to either use our mailing list or our channel on moznet to talk with us.

If you want to post something to the mailing list, send an e-mail to community-local-sites(a) with everything you want to share with us. You can also subscribe to the list to receive the latest news or discussions.

There are usually about 10 other members of the MCS-team in the channel. Feel free to ping one of them if you have any questions, or just join us and say hi.


Did you ever want to know which faces are behind MCS? Well, then go to our Members page to find it out!

Local Sites

A list of all active local Mozilla sites can be found here. If you see a site that is missing or if you'd like to create a site that can go on this list, please use the information above to contact us or take a look at the step-by-step how-to guide on how to create your own community site.


Our communities are serving tons of goals they own set up for themselves. They can focus on localization, promotion of open standards, quality assurance, documentation, extension development, evangelization or one of many other ways.

Mozilla's goal is to empower them and help them do what they want. One of the most important element of every community is a website. Our research indicated that building and maintaining a website is one of the most challenging and time consuming elements of working with a community. It's especially visible for smaller communities. For them, web design, website deployment, and keeping the web software up to date is a blocker to productivity that sharply reduces time they can spend on actual goal of their community.


MCS is a system that is made of several elements that are open sourced, free for use and can be combined according to the needs of its users. The tools are:

Aspect Description
Hosting to help set up hosting for a community website
Logo A logo designed to give a unified feel of Mozilla ecosystem.
Slide Themes Slide Themes for Mozilla-related presentations

What's Next

  • What's next? - List of ideas or topics that could be useful for this project. Don't hestitate to add your own ideas.


After Creating Your Site

After you've created a local Mozilla site, you may be wondering what to do next to build a community around it. Here are some guides and suggestions:

You can also host your own local event. Stay tuned for more information and check back once in a while.