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The meeting is at 10:00 am Pacific time (18:00 UTC) in #devmo on


Content development

  • Next sprint: April 1-2
    • Starting and ending times will be the same as the January sprint: 14:00 UTC Friday to 23:59 UTC Saturday.
    • Planning page for April sprint
    • Florian (Elchi3) will be "host" in the IRC channel on Saturday morning while North Americans are sleeping: greet people when they join the channel, find out what they're interested in, point them in a good direction.
    • In preparation for the sprint, we will try to improve the started page to be more welcoming and reassuring. Trevor (trevorh) will add info to address worries he had when starting. Janet (jms) will work on making the tone friendlier.
    • Florian has a to-do item to make a high-level table of contents to help contributors understand what already exists in MDC.
  • Google contributions: shout out to Paul Irish, Kevin Lim, Josie W, and Alex Komoroske!
    • Paul (paul_irish) says: "google wants to help document things.. like.. chrome/webkit compatibility.. some new html5-y stuff like notifications, animations, all that /and we think it's silly to go document it in another place that developers need to look at /and since MDC is the best thing since sliced bread, we were able to convince some important folks that we're gonna focus some attention on adding more awesome docs to it."
    • Paul introduced Kevin Lim (grendel), who will be working on MDC, especially browser compatibility information.
    • Sheppy asked for feedback on ways that MDC is too Firefox-centric, such as "Introduced in Gecko 1.x" banners.
  • Down to 28 dev-doc-needed+RESOLVED bugs. Some of these are at least partially documented.