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This is a virtual sprint, with no central gathering. However, local meet-ups are encouraged.


You are welcome to start earlier or continue later, but this time frame is when you are likely to find other people online working on MDN. Obviously, you do not have to participate the entire time; drop in when it's convenient, and sleep when you need to.

Quick coordination etherpad used during the sprint [ ]. Feel free to use it!

Here is a schedule for meetings in IRC during the sprint:

UTC CET US Pacific What
Fri 16:00 Fri 17:00 Fri 8:00 am Kick-off
Fri 21:00 Fri 22:00 Fri 1:00 pm status check
Sat 02:00 Sat 03:00 Fri 6:00 pm status check
Sat 08:00 Sat 10:00 Sat 12:00 am status check
Sat 14:00 Sat 15:00 Sat 6:00 am status check
Sat 19:00 Sat 20:00 Sat 11:00 am status check
Sat 23:59 Sun 01:00 Sat 4:00 pm final status and wrap-up


Here are some other suggestions of things to work on.

Suggest a topic, either that you want to work on, or that you'd like to see done by someone.


If you're an engineer/developer, please consider joining us! Even if you don't write, it'd be great if you popped into #devmo. There are lots of ways you can help:

  • Just be in IRC to answer questions from the writing team.
    • Join #devmo
    • Announce that you're a developer who knows about <X> and that you're willing and able to answer questions.
    • Bask in the warm glow of the writing team's love and respect.
  • Do some technical reviews!

Helpful information

You can use our new advanced search mechanism (just added!) to search for uses of specific macros, CSS classes, HTML attributes, and so on.


Let us know if you're planning to participate!

You can also add your name to the table below:

Name IRC nick MDN ID Topic(s)
Janet jms jswisher copyediting, cleanup
Jeremie Jeremie Jeremie Working on introductory material for the App doc
Jonathan jlin jlin Grammar and punctuation nerd. Git for beginners (with a slight focus on gaia/b2g dev)
Karen SnappyK kscarfone Tagging, macro name replacement, and whatever else is needed (just ask me!)
Sheppy sheppy Sheppy Content cleanup, documenting new processes and layouts, and answering questions that come up