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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PST (18:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone.


  • Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.
  • Attending:
    • ali
    • diane t
    • klez
    • sheppy
    • teoli
    • HBloomer_
    • ajp
    • Jeremie i





Note items here that you want to be sure the community is aware of. We won't rehash what's listed here, but may raise and discuss questions about these items.

Topics for Discussion

Are you facing a challenge with something related to MDN, or need help from others in the community? Please bring it up for discussion.

  • kick-starting the new year! Goals for 2015... (alispivak)

I wanted to briefly talk about what we'll be focusing on in 2015 overall. we'll be focused on 3 areas

  1. maintaining the open web docs
  2. building out & launching the Learning Area
  3. building compatibility data and services

obviously, there is a lot of work under each of these

1. For maintaining the open web docs, we obviously have a lot of docs writing to do!

  • HTML update, Canvas, APi's, etc.
  • We also will continue to support the community of writers
  • and we will be looking at ways to grow MDN users through social media and awareness, including a campaign around MDN's 10th anniversary at the end of July.

2. for the Learning Area

  • Soft launch at the end of January, which will require a lot of cleanup work.
    • glossary - add missing entries, cleanup and remove entries copied directly from wikipedia
    • polish landing pages
    • finish required content, review and polish
  • Full launch end of July, around when we do the 10th Anniversary promotions

3. Compatibility - we've been working on a compatibility data store and API for the last 9 months or so.

  • compatibility data store & api are in process
  • work will soon be starting on the UI for contribution
  • later in the year we are looking at building a compatibility service based on the data - it is in process of being defined. groovecoder is leading that work

will have a link to the plan and things that need to be done as mentioned above soon - (alispivak) will send email to the mdn lists and also share in the next community meeting


Anything else we need to discuss synchronously? Hack on MDN event -

  • planning for end of March. Will be asking for feedback on dates/locations/attendees later this week. (alispivak)
  • Last year we held our first "hack on MDN" weekend
  • Essentially, for the event we get ~30 people together to work on MDN projects for 3 days. This includes content, platform, specifications, UX….
  • We got approval to hold another one this year, and are hoping to do it around the end of March.
    • Attendees are paid staff and volunteers. Mozilla pays for volunteer travel.
    • Very soon, I'll be polling people about possible locations and dates. I'm trying to get this decided by the end of next week, as time gets short.
    • Once we fix the location and dates, I'll ask people to apply to attend.
    • Last year was very fun and very productive!


Meeting logs here