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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PDT (18:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone.


  • Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.
  • Attending:




  • Tell us what you are working on.
  • Please continue to work on fixing issues that are preventing the compatibility database importer tool from collecting compatibility information from MDN pages. See the Importer documentation to learn more.
    • Sheppy will be adding a bit of additional material to help people get started on this.
    • If you figure out a way to fix a problem which doesn't have a solution documented under the error name on the Importer doc page, please add that information to help others.


Note items here that you want to be sure the community is aware of. We won't rehash what's listed here, but may raise and discuss questions about these items.

Topics for Discussion

Are you facing a challenge with something related to MDN, or need help from others in the community? Please bring it up for discussion.


Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

  • Who will moderate the next meeting?
    • Sheppy will, since he was supposed to do this one but had a last-minute conflict come up.


Meeting logs