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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PDT (18:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone.


  • Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.
  • Attending:
    • Sheppy
    • jswisher (Janet)
    • teoli (Jean-Yves)
    • Heather
    • klez
    • Jeremie
    • Sphinx
    • jsx
    • emerence (new to meeting)
    • tatiana (new to meeting)




  • Janet will email dev-mdc, asking for feedback about the community meeting, to make it more attended and useful. Should we change time, frequency, format?


Note items here that you want to be sure the community is aware of. We won't rehash what's listed here, but may raise and discuss questions about these items.

  • It's worth noting that the old public etherpad system has been made read-only and replaced with a new etherpad lite instance, located at
  • (sheppy) Starting to land pieces of the WebRTC documentation I've been working on offline onto the wiki, and my not-yet-finished-but-should-be-soon sample for signaling and two-way video is in my personal github at

Topics for Discussion

Are you facing a challenge with something related to MDN, or need help from others in the community? Please bring it up for discussion.

  • Follow up on discussion about this meeting from last time. What actions will we take to change the meeting? Who will take them?


Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

  • Who will moderate the next meeting?
    • Janet