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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at:


Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.

  • Attending: jswisher, jsx, sheppy, teoli

What are you working on?

Please share recent accomplishments, and goals you have for the next few weeks.

  • (jsx) Working on XHR docs. Fixed a couple of tiny incoming dev doc bugs.
  • Updates from staff 2015-11-03
  • (sheppy) Too late for the staff updates post, but I have been busy! Lots of work on WebRTC code and content prep (also corrections to assorted articles, following up on assorted bugs, etc)
  • (jean-yves) CSS Font Loading API + webidl


Is there anything keeping you from making progress?

  • (sheppy) Daily need to close my eyes and turn off the conscious part of my brain is really getting in the way of getting my work done.

Help wanted

Please share documentation bugs that need work, or other things where you need short-term help.

  • Need translations for strings for CSS-related macros. Contact Jean-Yves or Janet if you'd like to help, so we can avoid collisions.



  • Janet will look into using Jeremie's IRCBot for future meetings



Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

  • Who will moderate the next meeting?