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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at:


Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.

  • Attending:

What are you working on?

Please share recent accomplishments, and goals you have for the next few weeks.


Is there anything keeping you from making progress?

  • There has been a recent onslaught of spam. Thanks to jsx, Sphinx, fscholz, and wbamberg for their spam-fight efforts.
  • Most MDN staff will be at the all-hands meeting in Orlando next week. Apologies in advance for slowness to respond.

Help wanted

Please share documentation bugs that need work, or other things where you need short-term help.





Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

Rob Hudson and the dev team have made improvements on Kuma for UI translations! That lead to:

  • new string to be translated.
  • sparks of new translations! We got translation in fr, de, pt-BR, pt-PT, es, sq, nl, zh-CN, zh-TW, cs, fa, pl, sv-SE, ru, az, it, ja over the last 2 weeks. (8 languages at 100%, 4 others > 90%).

Want to help for your language? Go to:

Meeting minutes

  • (18:03) jswisher: Who is here for the meeting?
  • (18:03) ifilin: Here
  • (18:04) jsx: o/
  • (18:04) sheppy: o/
  • (18:04) fscholz: hi
  • (18:04) teoli: hi!
  • (18:04) sheppy: Although it will be a couple minutes before i can open the agenda… browser starting up now :)
  • (18:04) jswisher: Hi y’all!
  • (18:05) Jeremie: o/

“what are you working on?"

  • (18:05) jswisher: We have started discussing this on the mailing list, so maybe we need to remove this as a meeting topic
  • (18:05) alispivak: Here!
  • (18:06) jswisher: But certainly, feel free to share anything that is happening at this point :-)
  • (18:07) teoli: I'm finishing how to document the WebIDL "iterator<>" so if you see one in an API, know that the meta-doc is up-to-date:
  • (18:07) teoli:
  • (18:07) teoli: bz did a first review, I'm waiting on a second one.
  • (18:08) teoli: bz and david baron are doing a lot of doc reviews, especially when it is tricky things.
  • (18:09) Heather: o/
  • (18:09) sheppy: Awesome
  • (18:10) teoli: I've also reviewed the first CSS contributions of a new Chinese contributors (text-emphasis, text-emphasis-position)
  • (18:11) jsx: I haven't done anything in the past 2 weeks. I accidentally got myself into speaking at a local JS event this weekend, so have been preparing + other things.
  • (18:11) jswisher: teoli: are they contributing in English, Chinese, or both?
  • (18:11) jswisher: jsx: woot!
  • (18:11) teoli: He is contributing in English.
  • (18:11) teoli: jsx: cool!
  • (18:12) fscholz: I am creating more WebGL reference docs and I reviewed some WebExtension docs with Will. I also finished some JS ddn bugs. As an aside thing, I wrote a patch for Gecko for a Canvas API for which I will need to write more tests next. There is going to be a bit traveling preparation for the Mozilla all-hands and more WebGL reference docs next.
  • (18:12) teoli: jswisher: he got help from ziyunfei to update CSSData
  • (18:15) jswisher: Good stuff. Any other news?


  • (18:17) jswisher: Is there anything keeping you from making progress?
  • (18:17) jswisher: I know we have gotten a new spate of spam recently
  • (18:17) jswisher: Thanks to everybody who has helped out with dealing with that
  • (18:17) fscholz: Spam, thx to everyone who is helping on that front.
  • (18:19) Heather: i haven't been very active the last couple weeks
  • (18:19) jswisher: Heather: You are here now :-)
  • (18:19) Heather: :)
  • (18:19) Jeremie: Heather: \o/
  • (18:19) renoirb: Hey fscholz, want to take a look at a draft i'm writing. I've had Jeremie and teoli’s eyes, I'd like yours.
  • (18:19) Sphinx: jsx is doing awesome with the spam thanks a lot to him
  • (18:20) jswisher: Yes, yay jsx!
  • (18:20) Heather: jsx awesome
  • (18:20) teoli: Thx for spam fighting. Jsx and Will rocks over the European nights.
  • (18:20) teoli: We will need help next week!
  • (18:20) jsx: also fscholz has been deleting a lot too :)
  • (18:20) sheppy: Yes, we will need tons of help next week.
  • (18:20) teoli: A lot of us Europeans are travelling.
  • (18:20) jsx: I'll be around next week since I'm not traveling
  • (18:21) sheppy: I’ve been doing spam control when I see the stuff but others keep beating me to it :)
  • (18:21) teoli: So if you are in Europe try to have a look!
  • (18:21) fscholz: renoirb: sure, send it my way
  • (18:21) Sphinx: As much as possible :s
  • (18:22) jswisher: We hope to have better spam-fighting tools in the not-too-distant future
  • (18:22) jswisher: But meanwhile, it’s hand-to-hand combat
  • (18:22) Heather: gah
  • (18:22) renoirb: forwarded links your way fscholz
  • (18:23) jswisher: Any other blockers?
  • (18:23) sheppy: Mozlando is the epic blocker of the month. :D
  • (18:23) renoirb: I recall MediaWiki has similar features, they didn't use Akismet though.
  • (18:23) sheppy: FWIW I will be traveling on Friday… taking wife and daughter down to Disney World for the weekend. They go home Monday morning.
  • (18:24) sheppy: (Sophie has school still)

Help Wanted

  • (18:25) teoli: Yep!
  • (18:25) jswisher: CSS live samples
  • (18:26) teoli: We would like to convert all the old samples we have on MDN. We still have very old samples stored as static HTML pages.
  • (18:26) teoli: We want to get rid of these static pages, so we need to integrate them in the pages.
  • (18:26) renoirb: They have an extension called AbuseFilter where it listens to POST requests and do some filtering and attempts to detect patterns such as originating IP, body content passed through external services and so on. Their config is managed here
  • (18:26) teoli: Also, that way all the info is on the same page.
  • (18:26) teoli: The first batch (19) is there:
  • (18:26) teoli:
  • (18:27) teoli: It is not too difficult, though not trivial.
  • (18:27) teoli: If you want to help, please contact me! I can help you doing the first ones.
  • (18:27) Sphinx: teoli: I will later tonight for some
  • (18:28) Sphinx: Pages
  • (18:28) teoli: Sphinx: cool. These are the 16 pages w/ the macro in en-US (we have many more with this macros but in other locales, so en-US are blocking these others)
  • (18:29) Sphinx: Np
  • (18:30) jswisher: Jeremie: Learning Area: CSS Getting Started?
  • (18:30) Jeremie: Yes :)
  • (18:30) Jeremie: I takle a lot of articles about CSS in the learning area and they desperately need review!
  • (18:31) Jeremie: If you wanna help, go, go, go
  • (18:31) Heather: I will do those reviews! Jeremie
  • (18:31) Jeremie:
  • (18:31) Sphinx: Indeed
  • (18:31) Jeremie:
  • (18:31) Jeremie: Heather: My hero!
  • (18:31) Heather: lol thanks :)
  • (18:31) Jeremie: :)
  • (18:31) Heather: I will work on that today
  • (18:32) Jeremie: Heather: My Hero++
  • (18:32) Heather: haha
  • (18:32) sheppy: woot woot
  • (18:32) Jeremie: Heather: As you are not a CSS hardcore developer, I also would apreciate any feed back about the content itself (is it understandable)
  • (18:33) Heather: okay will do np Jeremie
  • (18:33) Heather: I do understand and have used CSS, but no not hardcore :P
  • (18:33) Sphinx: Jeremie I'll send some if you are interested
  • (18:34) Jeremie: And if any CSS hardcore user is reading this, I would appreciate feed back on the overall accuracy as I took some shortcut to make things both compact and understandable
  • (18:34) Jeremie: Sphinx: I am, send it!
  • (18:35) sheppy: Getting both kinds of feedback is really really helpful, too.
  • (18:35) Jeremie: Indeed
  • (18:35) Sphinx: Jeremie: talking about that, not that much feedback from glazou
  • (18:35) Jeremie: \o/
  • (18:36) Jeremie: When a former CSSWG chair as little to said about such things, that's very good :P
  • (18:36) Jeremie: Okay, I think we can move forward :)
  • (18:37) jswisher: Next item: MDN Challenge Projects proposal
  • (18:37) jswisher: I sent a message about this on the mailing list
  • (18:37) Heather: need to read email
  • (18:38) jswisher: It is an idea for a new way to structure how people take leadership roles, so they are project-based
  • (18:38) jswisher: I need to know if people think this is something they would do
  • (18:38) jswisher: Or is it too much overhead/commitment?
  • (18:39) jswisher: Is it a horrible idea that will destroy the MDN community?
  • (18:39) jswisher: I want to know what you think
  • (18:39) Heather: hmm seems like pros and cons
  • (18:39) Sphinx: jswisher: some wild thoughts on the matter, will try to reply this weekend
  • (18:40) Heather: i will read the email and respond
  • (18:41) jswisher: Sphinx, Heather: great, looking forward to it
  • (18:41) Heather: :)
  • (18:41) sheppy: I’m hoping to use some time this week to catch up on a couple of threads including this one, where I have thoughts but not time to put them down. :)


  • (18:42) jswisher: We can skip this since we have no previous action items


  • (18:42) jswisher: Jeremie: Learning Area
  • (18:42) Jeremie: Yeah, Learning Area again :)
  • (18:42) Jeremie: November metrics are here:
  • (18:43) Jeremie: So key info:
  • (18:43) Jeremie: We turn flat on users and pageviews.
  • (18:43) jswisher: So, same as last month?
  • (18:43) Jeremie: And we can expect December to be worst (christams season)
  • (18:43) Jeremie: jswisher: Yes
  • (18:43) Heather: booo
  • (18:44) teoli: Oh, we do? Globally readership has increased in November (for the whole MDN)
  • (18:44) Heather: not boo for Christmas
  • (18:44) Jeremie: Weel it has increased for LA but so few in comparison of other month that is like flat
  • (18:44) Jeremie: BUT!
  • (18:44) teoli: (MDN: +5% in users in 1 month)
  • (18:44) Jeremie: Bounce rate is decreasing
  • (18:45) Jeremie: and that's a very good sign as it is decreasing for several month now
  • (18:45) Jeremie: And that's good because it indicates users stay longer on those content
  • (18:45) Jeremie: THEY LEARN!
  • (18:46) Heather: woot woot
  • (18:46) jswisher: And it means they are finding LA content when when want Learning content
  • (18:46) jswisher: And not for some other reason
  • (18:46) Jeremie: Looks like so
  • (18:46) Heather: yes that is awesome
  • (18:46) jswisher: *when they
  • (18:46) teoli: Does that means that the content is *better* in November than in September? Why the improvement in BR?
  • (18:47) sheppy: Sounds promising :)
  • (18:47) Jeremie: I'll do a full review in January with December metrics :)
  • (18:47) Jeremie: teoli: It's a slow trend since the begining
  • (18:47) teoli: oh cool then
  • (18:48) Jeremie: WIth some high and low along the line but the trend is clear
  • (18:48) Jeremie: I guess that next year we should work on increasing circularity between the articles to help making decay even faster
  • (18:49) Jeremie: I'm done with this if there is no further question :)
  • (18:50) jswisher: Jeremie: thanks, good stuff
  • (18:50) Heather: def.
  • (18:50) jswisher: Next item is about UI translations
  • (18:51) jswisher: teoli?
  • (18:51) teoli: So robhudson and devs have done work around allowing more UI strings to be translated.
  • (18:51) teoli: They have cleaned a lot of things around it in the back-end.
  • (18:51) teoli: They try to push new strings every Friday; except on Thanksgiving of course.
  • (18:52) teoli: There is therefore more regular work to do for UI translators and we see a regain of activity in this area.
  • (18:53) teoli: If we add the %-age of translation of all languages, the all-time record was beaten yesterday and today (and likely tomorrow too).
  • (18:53) teoli: So big thanks to all people doing the translations (some are here)!
  • (18:53) jswisher: I wonder if the links from the L10n Projects page are helping to get more people to do that
  • (18:53) teoli: And if you are interested in helping:
  • (18:53) Sphinx: 👍
  • (18:54) teoli: jswisher: it is possible, sv-SE and ru see a lot of new activity lately. Also some unusual languages saw activity
  • (18:54) jswisher: teoli: I think the link in the wiki is the wrong one
  • (18:55) teoli: jswisher: Still linking to verbatim? (The migration is in progress, not all locale have been migrated):
  • (18:55) jswisher: teoli: I mean on the agenda
  • (18:55) jsx: What are the unusual languages teoli? Klingon? :p
  • (18:55) Heather: lol jsx
  • (18:55) teoli: jsx: we see activity on Azeri or Czech.
  • (18:55) teoli: Which is welcome, but unusual for MDN.
  • (18:56) jsx: Ah, ok. JK
  • (18:56) teoli: jswisher: fixing the link
  • (18:56) sheppy: I wonder what the ISO language code for Klingon is.
  • (18:57) teoli: sheppy: tlh
  • (18:57) teoli: sheppy:
  • (18:57) jswisher: sheppy: tlh, according to Wikipedia
  • (18:57) sheppy: lol
  • (18:57) sheppy: That’s awesome
  • (18:57) sheppy: teoli: :D
  • (18:58) sheppy: Lately, Cmd-T has not reliably opened a new tab for me. Weird.
  • (18:58) jswisher: Anything else to discuss?
  • (18:58) Heather: nothing here
  • (18:59) jswisher: Thanks everybody!
  • (18:59) SphinxK: I'm good :)
  • (18:59) SphinxK: thanks :)
  • (18:59) jswisher: End of the meeting