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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PDT (18:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone.


Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.

  • Attending: sheppy, jswisher

Help wanted

Please share documentation bugs that need work, or other things where you need short-term help.

  • As always, you can find bugs you can help out with on our Bugs Ahoy page.
  • If you have ideas for things that should be tweeted out by @MozDevNet, please suggest it using our handy form!

Learning area (chris)

I am still writing lots of material for the MDN learning area, but would still love some help reviewing or writing material. You can see what kind of work is up for grabs at our Learning Area Trello Board. Get in touch with me if you want to help (chrismills on IRC.)


Is there anything keeping you from making progress?

What are you working on?

Please share recent accomplishments, and goals you have for the next few weeks.

  • Sheppy
    • RTCDataChannel reference is essentially finished; I plan to clean up the main page later today, then send it to the dev team for review.
    • RTCPeerConnection reference main page needs to be tidied up then sent for review as well.
    • Finished documenting HTMLLabelElement interface today, including its members.
  • Janet
    • Documenting the MDN team's new agile processes. First email to dev-mdc about it coming shortly.




  • Spam project work is ongoing, with features being added to make it easier to handle it when it happens, and with a dashboard being built to track statistics around spam.


Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

  • Who will moderate the next meeting?