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We are the MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) durable team. See the main MDN wiki page for MDN's mission, vision, and KPI.

The MDN Durable Team is now part of the Developer Outreach group in Emerging Technologies (ET), and is no longer part of Marketing/Engagement. The content team moved to ET in July 2017, and the dev team moved in March 2018.

Team Members

Role Name Area
Managers and planners
Product manager Kadir Topal
Writers' Team Manager, Content Lead Chris Mills
Agile coach Peter Chinaka
Rachel Andrew CSS
Daniel Beck Browser compatibility
Web development Peter Bengtsson Back-end
Ryan Johnson Back-end
Schalk Neethling Front-end
Mustafa Al-Qinneh UX design


Objectives and Key Results

What are Objectives and Key Results?

2017 Objectives and Q3 Key Results

Developer Outreach Q3 OKRs (mozilla.com logins only)

Developer Outreach 2017 Objective MDN Q3 Key Results
Increase number of MDN sessions 40% y/y Serve 39 million sessions on MDN (an increase of 11.2m sessions y/y)
Evaluate the impact of SEO recommendations on CTR
  • Perform 2 less-complex development tasks for SEO gains
  • 8 experiments from SEO recommendations executed
Complete static examples (excl. APIs)
  • Complete examples for all of JS
  • Complete 60 CSS output examples
  • Complete HTML examples
  • Plan API examples
Launch A/B test of final live sample code editor
Content updates for Firefox 56/57 release support
  • Firefox 56 release support
  • Firefox 57 release support
  • CSS box alignment
  • <input type=””> ref updates
  • Flash to HTML5 transition
100% of production traffic on AWS to provide stable technical foundation for MDN
  • Serve maintenance mode from AWS with production traffic
  • Serve dev R/W site from AWS
80% of MDN visitors to understand that MDN is powered by Mozilla (Baseline: 52%) Complete redesign for home page, all article pages, and all landing pages
  • home page updated
  • article pages updated
  • landing pages updated
Run brand perception survey on MDN
At least 1 editor offers integrated access to MDN compat data by end of 2017 Complete migration of 100% of compat data
  • JS compat data complete
  • CSS compat data complete
  • HTML compat data complete
  • API compat data complete
Sign up one editor vendor for inclusion of compat data by end of 2017
Launch experiments with 2 new types of community/contribution programs that help Mozilla promote web standards usage to developers
Deliver strategy and plan to establish and build a thriving core MDN Community that goes beyond casual editorial improvement of our documentation.
  • Investigate refocusing MDN Community strategy on attracting and retaining core contributors on MDN
  • Define and implement an onboarding process for institutional contributors

Sprint Schedule

Task Board Start End Demo/Outcomes
2017 Q2
Sprint 1 April 3 April 18
Sprint 2 April 24 May 9
Sprint 3 May 15 May 30
Sprint 4 June 5 June 20
2017 Q1
Sprint 0 January 9 January 24 No demo; the MDN team started early, so work before Sprint 1's official start is "Sprint 0".
Sprint 1 January 25 February 7 demo summary
Sprint 2 February 13 February 28 demo slides; demo summary
Sprint 3 March 6 March 21 demo summary; slides about User Testing
2016 Q4
Sprint 1 10 October 25 October Demo
Sprint 2 31 Oct 15 Nov Demo
Sprint 3 November 21 December 2 No demo due to All-Hands
Sprint 4 December 12 December 30 No demo, due to lots of PTO
2016 Q3
Sprint 1 27 June 12 July Demo
Sprint 2 18 July 2 August
Sprint 3 8 August 23 August Demo
Sprint 4 29 August 13 September Demo
Sprint 5 19 September 4 October Demo
2016 Q2
Sprint 1 25 April 10 May Demo
Sprint 2 16 May 31 May Demo
Sprint 3 Mini-sprint weeks of 6-10 and 20-24 June

Relevant Links


Sprint Meetings:

Meeting Time and Days Attendees Notes
Sprint Planning, Full Team Review Every third Thursday, 8:30am PT
Planning meetings with sub-teams take place earlier in the same week.
Core Team required Stakeholders may listen in.
This meeting lasts as long as it takes.
Daily Stand-Up
(15 minutes only)
8:30am Pacific daily
  • Content & Community: Monday & Wednesday, first week & second week of Sprint, Monday third week of Sprint
  • Development: Tuesday & Thursday, first week & second week of Sprint, Tuesday third week of Sprint
Relevant core team required Anyone is welcome to listen, but only core team members speak. All questions from non-core team members should be taken offline with Kadir or Vik.
Mid-sprint check-in every third Tuesday, 8:30 PT Core team required High-level check of how the sprint is going, adjustments that need to be made immediately, and progress toward completing the committed user stories for the sprint.
Sprint Demo Meeting every third Monday, 9:00am PT Everyone welcome The team will show the work completed in the sprint. It's a place to ask questions and give feedback.
Sprint Retrospective Meeting every third Wednesday, starting on May 11 Core Team only No one else is invited to this meeting.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all team meetings will be in Vik's Vidyo room.

Non-Sprint MDN Meetings:

(All times Pacific)

  • MDN Weekly Dev Planning: Mondays, 10:00AM
  • MDN Content Coordination meeting: Tuesdays, 9.00AM
  • MDN Weekly Doc Request Triage: Tuesdays, 9:30AM
  • MDN Opportunity Review: Wednesdays, 9:00AM
  • MDN Weekly Bug Swat: Fridays, 8:00AM

See full calendar for dates and participation info.

Communication Channels

  • Email: mdn-team@mozilla.com
  • IRC: #mdn and #mdndev are our main channels (public conversations) / #team-awesome for private conversations.
  • Discussion forum: MDN category on Discourse