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Allow more than two email addresses within the Address Book UI


  • Need to scope limit to the current address book, not doing major nsIAbCard refactoring.
  • Existing UI isn't really set up to handle multiple of email addresses per contact.
    • May be able to rearrange the email addresses and allow for some scrolling.
  • Do we allow tagging of email addresses with types?
  • How do we interface into existing systems (e.g. LDAP, Mac OS X)?
    • LDAP can have multiple values for most (all?) properties
    • Mac OS X apparently supports multiple email addresses
    • Windows Contacts has multi email-address, I don't know about WAB support
  • How do we manage import?
    • This currently has a direct 1-1 field mapping which may be difficult with multiple email addresses
  • How do we manage export?
  • How do we keep the performance reasonable?