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This page is now obsolete and only kept for historical purposes. Any bugs with the new tinderbox setup should be tracked in bugzilla

Short Status Summary

SeaMonkey boxes

Nightlies: GREEN
Dep Builds: GREEN
All Unit Test boxes: ORANGE Memory Leak on mochitest and mochichrome tests - possibly shutdown leaks, i.e. you don't need to run tests
Mac Unit Test: ORANGE TUnit fails one test. This test passes on Firefox (Mac OS X 10.5) and Standard8's machine (also 10.5). It fails on SeaMonkey's test tinderbox (Mac OS X 10.4).
nye Bloat Test: GREEN

Thunderbird boxes

All Unit Test Boxes: GREEN
  • Could do with "Alive Test" on either Build or Unit test boxes (pref Build I think) so that Thunderbird is at least started and runs - seeing as we currently have no other tests for starting up (tinderboxes used to have this, moz2 configs do it for debug builds only). --Standard8 04:14, 24 July 2008 (PDT)
    • These needs more than just copy and paste from FF buildbot code, therefore I'll raise a bug on it later and we'll deal with it there. --Standard8 13:23, 25 July 2008 (UTC)

Old Notes

This page describes the process of switching to Hg, who's going to do what, and when.

KaiRo has done most of the changes to the build system, including setting up a test repo. See this page for the details of how to do a build using the test repository.

Before we all switch to using those instructions (using a new repo, not the one in that page), the following needs to happen:

  • Announce plan to m.d.a.t,, m.d.a.c, m.d.planning (david/dmose/kairo, whenever this page is ready)
  • Tag CVS files to import with HG_COMM_INITIAL_IMPORT (KaiRo, just before populating comm-central with that revision)
    • Applied to: mozilla/directory/xpcom/ mozilla/mailnews/ mozilla/mail/ mozilla/suite/ mozilla/other-licenses/branding/thunderbird/
    • Date: 2008-07-22 5:17 AM approx
  • populate new Hg repo ( with current copy of files from CVS trunk, land patches of bug 444686 there, ensure build(s) works (KaiRo, Tuesday, after the tree closes)
    • How Long: KaiRo expects 1 hour or less to get code there and apply the build system/patches so it should build.
    • Complete, local builds set off at 05:36 AM
  • Get SeaMonkey builder+nightly buildbots working off Hg (KaiRo, as soon as all code is in the repo)
    • Complete: builders cycle, nightlies from hg are there, auto-update works.
  • Get SeaMonkey unit test buildbots working off Hg (KaiRo, once builder+nightly boxes are spinning their first builds)
    • Basically working, but showing failures, not clear if they trigger correctly on checkin
    • Current Problems:
      • bug 446678 chrome tests crash on Linux and Mac, fail on Windows
      • bug 448125 mochichrome tests leak memory (all platforms).
      • bug 446692 TUnit tests fail on Windows (same as TB failures)
      • bug 447999 TUnit 1 test fails on Mac (test_punycodeURIs.js) - needs investigation
      • bug 448121 reftest one test fails on Mac - need investigation
      • bug 448137 MailBloatTest fails to run (on nye) because is not in the repository
  • Get Thunderbird unit test buildbots working off of Hg (gozer)
    • buildbots not respinning on check-in (to comm-central or mozilla-central)
    • bug 446692 TUnit tests fail on Windows (same as SM failures)
    • TUnit Linux failure similar to gconf error seen before - gozer to fix
      • bug 444818 is back, and something in the new build system wipes local tree changes, so it would be better if the suggested patch could land soon.
    • TUnit Mac, one failure in test_nsIMsgFolderListenerLocal.js, possible timeout - Standard8 couldn't reproduce, new build set going. gozer: definitely timing related, as playing with the timeout value makes the bug appear/dissapear. I've seen the test pass with a timeout of 6s.
    • Windows build continuously failing.
  • Get Thunderbird nightlies working off of Hg (gozer) bug 447629
    • tb-linux-tbox is running a buildbot slave and building GREEN and uploading OK
    • bm-xserve07 is running a buildbot slave and building GREEN and uploading OK
    • tbnewref-win32-tbox is running a buildbot slave and building GREEN and uploading OK
  • open Hg tree (who? when?) and note document updates.
    • KaiRo, davida, dmose or gozer should be able to do this from a tinderbox message aspect.