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This is a page where we can hold a general discussion for possible new fields and eventually what the layout should be like.

Proposed new fields:

  • UID (ID to uniquely identify the address book card. This makes it much easier to synchronize with other sources and to keep track of changes.)
  • XFN tags and/or personalised tags field - for easy grouping, and searching of contacts (maybe the Notes field can do it already?).
  • IM username field with protocol (list) field, or just single field to type the complete string needed to contact the person using desired protocol (Pidgin IM supports the most widely used).-Njpl
  • I'd think some general tagging model would provide us with massive hammers to handle lots of nails -DavidA

Compare ideas posted at MailNews_Talk:Address_Book.

Proposals for a new Card Edit form

  • Tab with Addresses, where Work and Home are side by side (not expandable, but addresses the resolution issue):
                  Home       Work

Position                    [.......]
Department                  [.......]
Organisation/Company        [.......]
Address 1        [......]   [.......]
Address 2        [......]   [.......]
City             [......]   [.......]
State/Province   [......]   [.......]
ZIP/Postal Code  [......]   [.......]
Country          [......]   [.......]
  • As someone wrote in Talk page of Address_Book, an Ultimate AddressBook relating the contacts and locations would be a truly innovative approach, where relations are introduced between locations and people, and maybe between people, too. The gmail approach is flexible in this case, but is not mappable to a spreadsheet. In this case, we can add sets of information, each containing a list of fields and a location. -Njpl

Unlimited Email address, web page, and regular address fields

  • I've always hated address books that relegate phone numbers, email addresses, or postal addresses to single entries. Ideally (for me at least) you could add as many as you needed and assign a key to each one saying what they were. Having the ability to do that would remove the need for mobile/work/home/fax numbers listed separately, and gives you the option to add others if you need. Same goes for email or IM names, or even postal addresses.