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Hi, we're the Creative team. We work on branding and identity, websites and marketing assets (like graphic design, copywriting and videos). In other words, making our sure our stuff looks nice and that we're presenting Firefox and Mozilla to the world in the right way.

So, if you need any of that for a project, track one of us down (or email creative at mozilla dot com) and we'd be glad to help you out. Also, you can follow us on Twitter here: @MozCreative.

Here's who we are:

Laura Mesa, Website Wiz - I work on anything having to do with I do everything from optimizing and testing pages to creating content...and everything in between. I've done a whole bunch of different kinds of things while I've been at Mozilla, but I'm excited to concentrate my efforts on making the best website it can be. You can email me at lmesa at mozilla dot com, or read my blog.

Tara Shahian, Marketing Manager - I manage a variety of visual identity and graphic design type projects - taking wildly creative/abstract thoughts and bringing them to life. While at Mozilla, I've also helped to grow our visual design community, and leverage social media to extend our brand and engage with our communities in new ways. Please email me at tara at mozilla dot com, or read my blog at

John Slater, Creative Director - I oversee this motley crew and work on all the types of things listed above (with particular emphasis on branding and websites). Going way back, I started out as a copywriter at various dot coms in the late 90s and managed the design team at before coming to Mozilla in early 2007. You can email me at jslater at mozilla dot com, or read my blog at