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MDN Localization Meetup


People whose native language is not English, and who have some amount of knowledge of web technologies.


Localize MDN content in a social, collaborative setting. Increase participation in MDN localization by having experienced localizers help newcomers.


Here is a sample agenda for when you have a significant number of newcomers:

  • Orientation
  • Demonstration of translation interface
  • Form teams based on topic interest, with at least one mentor per team
  • Hands-on translation
  • Recap of accomplishments and challenges

If you have only one or a few newcomers at a meeting, you can give them a quick intro while the rest of the group is already working. Be sure to have materials ready for newcomers in case some show up.


  • Projector for showing how to translate; if not available, mentors can show in small groups.
  • Wifi so everyone can connect to MDN.
  • Attendees must bring their own laptops, unless computers are provided in the venue. Make this clear when promoting the event.
  • Technical knowledge is not required to contribute to MDN, but be sure to have someone present with some technical knowledge to answer questions.