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Here's a quick breakdown of the Mozilla PR team so you'll know who to contact.

Melissa often thinks about her role at Mozilla as facilitating a global discussion around the future of the open Web. She's focused on how we stay in the hearts and minds of developers and early adopters, while telling our story to an increasingly broad audience. In this capacity, she works closely with the evangelism, product and exec teams to share our story with top media outlets. Melissa manages US PR, supports and grows our PR community in regions where we do not have dedicated PR agencies, and determines overall PR strategy for the project. In her spare time, she thinks about how to scale our PR efforts in the rapidly contracting media market.

  • Erica Jostedt - PR Manager*

Erica creates and manages media and analyst campaigns around product launches and initiatives, working in conjunction with Mozilla product and marketing teams (Firefox, AMO, Mobile, Labs). She works closely with our US PR agency and with our product spokespeople to obtain media coverage in top technology, business, and consumer media outlets.

  • Barbara Hueppe - European Communications Manager*

Barbara leads our PR efforts in Europe. She is part of our European marketing team and works closely with a total of six agencies in our biggest markets in Western Europe: Germany, UK, France, Poland, Spain and Italy. Together with these agencies she tailors all Mozilla news for the different EU markets, organizes media tours for EU and North America based spokespeople and leads the PR efforts for EU-centric projects such as the ballot. She also handles all media inquires that reach us from the 30+ European markets where we do not have agency support. Barbara often brainstorms campaign ideas that are adopted internationally, most recently around 5 years of Firefox.

  • Tomomi Kato - PR Manager, Japan*

Tomomi leads our PR efforts in Japan. She is part of our Japanese marketing team, handling both developer marketing and product marketing in Japan. She always trying to maximize results and media coverage for our PR efforts by working closely with Japanese PR agency. She focuses to how to spread "Mozilla's mission and technology" in Japan as well. She also works for local promotion with Japanese marketing team, for example "Discover Shiretoko" and "Tomoshibi". Most recently resulting in the placement of Chibi in 'manga' or Japanese cartoon strip in a recent issue of "Mac Fan" Magazine where she was interviewed about Mozilla and Firefox -

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