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Check out Marketing:Standardized Letters for some info.


Dear {offical's name}

I am a citizen of {city/region name} and I think it would be a good idea for city employees to use the new Firefox web browser. Firefox is faster and more secure than Internet Explorer. Lately, I have read newspaper reports citing concerns about the safety of citizen's data in government offices. I think that Firefox would minimize the problems associated with this.

I fully realize that Firefox is not up to the level of Internet Explorer, and that Firefox fails in several critical areas when used in a business environment, but please don't let that stop you

Thank you,


Simplified Chinese

尊敬的 {offical's name}

我是{city/region name}的一名普通公民。我认为在公务员中推行全新的火狐(Firefox)网页浏览器将会是个好主意。火狐浏览器比起Internet Explorer更加快速也更加安全。近来我在报章上阅读到许多关于政府数据安全的批评,我觉得采用火狐浏览器将能很好地防止数据安全问题的发生。

同时我也认识到火狐浏览器在某些领域并不比 Internet Explorer更好,在一些商务应用的重要环节中也无法代替 �Internet Explorer,但是请考虑到火狐浏览器带来的安全增强,随着火狐浏览器的不断发展,将能带来更高的办公效率和数据安全性,这对您也将是一个明智的决定。


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