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Mercurial is part of MozillaBuild 1.3. Binary installers for Windows exist; you want 1.0 or newer, see this link for more info. I had problems with the latest 0.9.4+ snapshot. Now there are two other installers: Batteries Included installer newly with TortoiseHG and the Python Approach installer. Some reasoning behind the different binary installers for Windows.

In general, things will just work (assuming the Mercurial dir is in your path); there are some oddities with line endings here and there (e.g. hg export will use DOS line endings in the generated patch, while MQ-generated patches don't).

If you want to make hg view work:

  • install ActiveTcl, and make sure you tell it to associate .tcl with ActiveTcl
  • add the hgk extension to your list of extensions in C:\mozilla-build\hg\Mercurial.ini, e.g to your [extensions] block add the line:
hgext.hgk =
  • grab hgk from here (this is a link to a snapshot in the crew repo; there may be newer ones, but the Windows installer does not have hgk packaged). Save this file somewhere in your path, and rename it to hgk.tcl.
  • in your Mercurial.ini, add:

and hg view should work.