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This page tracks information about available community data and various analysis efforts going on in the Mozilla community. There are many different sites and activities going on in the community and different efforts going on to analyze data, so hopefully tracking these various points in one place will help us find out useful information for the community as a whole.

Product Improvement Data

Public Data

Firefox Data

Site Data


Other Data

Please feel free to update this list if you know of other available data sources.


We've started using WebTrends recently and the following is a list of reports we want to add or configure for

  • Page-level referral reports
  • CTR for links to whole universe
  • Snippets reporting
  • Offsite links in path report
  • File Not Found Errors is empty
  • Average Time to Serve Pages is empty
  • Decimals in CTR report (not permanent solution)
  • Donate pages content group (other content groups?)
  • Donation scenario analysis (other scenarios?)

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