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Integrate Personas (light weight themes) into Firefox Mobile

Current Status

We have experimented with changing the background color / URL in a few areas: toolbar, both sidebars and the tools panel. Looks like we can implement support. We will likely need to re-organize the CSS a bit.

In order to make the above, we had to change too many background colors. We should "inherit" or use transparent backgrounds for buttons.

It is unknown if the toolkit lightweight theme JSM files will support Firefox Mobile.

Next Steps

  • Design mockups for web page (madhava, martell)
  • Explore using lightweight theme JSM code in mobile

Related Bugs

bug 1234567


  • Project Lead:
  • Design: madhava
  • Team Memebers:


Martell has some mockups:

Goals/Use Cases

  • Basic lightweight theme support
  • Some form of preview ability
  • Do not slow down Firefox

Non Goals