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Support caching the currently open tabs to disk and offer to reopen those tabs when starting Firefox, especially after a crash.

Current Status

We need to decide exactly what parts of the web page state we are going to cache and restore. We already have an unused infrastructure for saving and restoring some parts: zoom and scroll position. At a minimum, we probably want to save:

  • URL
  • Zoom level
  • Scroll position
  • State of form widgets (radios, checkboxes, and simple text boxes)

Next Steps

Related Bugs

bug 541421


  • Project Lead: mfinkle
  • Design: madhava
  • Member: stechz


Goals/Use Cases

  • Make it easy to resume browsing after closing up your device
  • Resume after crash

Non Goals

  • Don't bring browser to a crawl by updating cache constantly
  • Saving all state