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Standardization of location APIs - sounds like Doug knows more about this.

Google Gears

Proposal from Google - part of Google Gears

WebKit on GNOME

From Alp's FOSDEM talk

External module to expose location metadata to Web apps 
Implements the spec 
Spec not final 
Uses Gypsy GPS library (alternative location sources possible) 
var geolocator = navigator.getGeolocator(); 
geolocator.request(function(location) { 
   alert(location.latitude+', '+location.longitude); 

GPS Gate

Api similar to Gears

GPS Tools

activex for IE

Opera Platform DOM Interface no location but some devices available

JSX from JBlend access to j2me api in the browser


See also

OpenAjax Alliance

Some good info on the [Task Force] including links to APIs, use cases, security etc.

DOM based

Instead of new JS APIs, where possible use the DOM, similar to how the /proc pseudo filesystem offers access to data and services to Linux scripts.


BONDI, defined by the OMTP consortium is a complete set of APIs to be used for web runtimes [[1]]. The current Version 1.0 is quite complete including a secure policy management environment. A Reference Implementation is available. Further extensions are under discussion.