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You can run checkstyle via the checkstyle-idea plugin within Android Studio or Intellij. It will highlight violations in red, e.g. package statements should not span more than one line:

Example of checkstyle-idea failure


  • Open the preferences
  • Find "Plugins" in the preferences
  • Click "Browse repositories"
  • Search for "checkstyle".
  • Select CheckStyle-IDEA
  • Click "Install plugin" on the right & confirm
  • Click restart Android Studio

Adding the config file

  • Open the preferences
  • Go to (or search for) "Checkstyle" menu item (it's under "Other Settings")
  • Click the plus at the bottom of the "Configuration file" box
  • Add a description (e.g. "mozilla")
  • Add the path to the checkstyle configuration:
  • Accept
  • Click the "Active" checkbox next to the new configuration
  • Hit "OK" to close the preferences