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Fennec M4 Notes

The scope for M4 is described in the Fennec requirements. Note that we did not hit all the items listed for M4, but many are in progress and close to landing. Items not marked complete are pushed to the next milestone.

The panning system was a primary concern for M4 and is included in the release. The same system also has support for the zooming work scheduled for M5. The panning/zooming system is somewhat radical in design and not yet mature (i.e. bugs exist and should be filed when you find them).

  • Panning should be responsive.
  • Basic Zoom has been added and can be toggled using double click.
  • Basic Page Identity [M5 task, bug 437955 was also ready and added to this release.
  • Clicking on links works for the most part, but can be flakey.
  • A small lag may exist when typing into textboxes.

Note: M4 supports the Maemo diablo distribution, but only use this if you have diablo installed on your n810.

Tips on installing