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Fennec M5 Notes

The scope for M5 is described in the Fennec requirements. Note that we did not hit all the items listed for M5, but many are in progress and close to landing. We also landed several items that were slated for M4, but missed that milestone. Items not marked complete are pushed to the next milestone.

The browser UI, device integration and content zooming were the primary focus of M5. The panning system also had some refactoring and improvements in the release.

  • Basic UI for browser chrome has been added. The URL bar is different from M4 and many commands have been moved to the Navigation Sidebar. Use the N8x0 application menu key (or F4) to activiate or use "slide" the sidebar into view with a sweeping slide across the touchscreen.
  • Awesomebar and special search features are functional in the new UI.
  • Zoom to section has been added and can be toggled using double click.
  • Zoom (Fit) to page has been added during the initial page load.
  • Popup blocking has been enabled.
  • Basic geolocation has been enabled and provides a simple UI for giving the user control over the amount of location information the webpage can access.
  • Spatial navigation support has been added. The D-pad (arrow keys) can be used to move between focusable elements on a webpage.
  • Panning should be more responsive than M4.

Note: M5 supports the Maemo diablo distribution, but only use this if you have diablo installed on your n810.

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