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Bug status

Waiting for review

  • bug 527384 device-width/height support for viewport meta tag (mfinkle)
  • bug 510917 Downloading a .cab file from nightly builds page shows nothing in downloads manager (mfinkle)
  • bug 531547 content is fuzzy, chrome too big (mfinkle)
  • bug 541571 Show uninstallation progress
  • bug 536972 Cannot uninstall Fennec from Settings -> Memory Settings/Remove Programs

Waiting for approval

  • bug 529348 improve xptcinvoke implementation on wince
  • bug 520521 add touch enabled support to windows mobile
  • bug 527182 fixes broken QI impl for TextEditRules
  • bug 530539 Need to be able to specify nosplash in an environment variable
  • bug 542280 Use GetUpdateRgn() on Windows Mobile
  • bug 519843 JS shell on WinCE should run as if it NEVER has a tty, not as if it ALWAYS does (not critical for a4)
  • bug 532344 only issue one NS_PAINT event for each WM_PAINT on WinMo
  • bug 537288 xptcinvoke for windows ce arm is incompatible with ARMv7 and newer
  • bug 542623 don't dismiss menubar and sip button while focused on a text box
  • bug 542884 remove softkb observer
  • bug 515748 differentiate between wince and winmo
  • bug 533983 Update NSPR to the NSPR_HEAD_20091210 CVS tag
  • bug 532929 Show SIP button and a toolbar on windows mobile
  • bug 479444 text fields are hidden by the software keyboard
  • bug 512728 Fast startup should allow restarts and cope with non "-faststart" starts
  • bug 512330 Fast startup shouldn't show splash screens after silent restarts

Needs landing

  • bug 490189 fennec should offer to be the default browser
  • bug 519316 remote start should happen earlier in start up sequence (crowder)
  • bug 531786 Application Name (Fennec) should not be hardcoded in installer file (setup.ini)
  • bug 533581 EXE installer for Fennec should more robustly handle pre-existing installations

Needs 1.9.2 landing

  • bug 531332 Run fast-start service
  • bug 530676 WinMo Installer gets stuck at User Profile Creation on 11/23 1.9.2 nightly
  • bug 529092, fixes bug 527511 trailing when panning on windows mobile
  • bug 530367 Echo only typed passwords (don't flash password from PW manager)
  • bug 527674 password echoing shows more asterisks than than typed letters
  • bug 519316 remote start should happen earlier in start up sequence (crowder)
  • bug 529852 cannot install with .exe installer (alexp) - depends on the following:
    • bug 530889 Shutdown FastStart service
    • bug 529897 Make it possible to install Fennec over the existing version

Needs patch (owned)

  • bug 525902 [Regression] No See All Bookmarks icon on today's WinMo 1.9.2 Build
  • bug 526257 first character(s) are lost when typing into the URL bar (crowder)
  • bug 535370 extraction error while trying to install windows mobile Fennec on htc touch pro (alexp)


  • bug 518323 Install breaks off half way on Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23047
  • bug 522647 Regression: HTC click wheel zooming broken