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Our goal is to deliver several small releases over the next two quarters until we reach an alpha release. The milestones described here are not full-fledged releases but merely meant to represent dates tied together with deliverables. The dates are also meant for initial planning purposes and may change.

Milestone Release Date Release Notes
M1 April 4, 2008
M2 May 9, 2008
M3 May 30, 2008
M4 June 20, 2008
M5 July 11, 2008
M6 August 1, 2008
M7 August 19, 2008
A1 October 16, 2008 Fennec Alpha 1
A2 December 22, 2008 Fennec Alpha 2
B1 February 27, 2009 Fennec Beta 1

Priority Definition

Status Definition


Platform Support

P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M? JSctypes

Linux (GTK) bug 436201
P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M1 OT Installer bug 418851
P2M? Update manager
P1M? Soft Keyboard bug 426344
P1M? Application menu bug 426291
P1M? File picker bug 426292
P3M? Banners (alerts) bug 426293
P2M? Better theme support bug 426299
P3M? Expose camera API
P3M? Expose address book API
P2M? Breakpad
P1M2 Run Talos
P1M? DirectFB bug 422221

Windows Mobile 6
P/M Status Feature Bug
P2M? Installer
P3M? Update manager
P3M? Breakpad

Qt 4.4
P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M2 Widget support bug 429288
P1M? Installer
P2M? Update manager
P2M? Breakpad

Navigating to Web content

In most mobile browsers, basic activities like URL entry, bookmarking and search are too hard to use. These need attention, and "awesome-bar" like innovation. An equivalent to multiple windows/tabs is needed.

Basic navigation
P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M1 CO Simple URL entry
P1M1 CO Back
P1M1 CO Forward
P1M1 CO Reload page
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" History
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" Awesome-bar URL entry
P1M2 style="background-color: lightblue;" Search box in toolbar (depends on screen size)

P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" Basic Add bookmark
P1M1 CO Star page
P1M1 NS Foldering
P?M? Live Bookmarks

Tab support
P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M3 style="background-color: lightblue;" Tab support

Advanced Navigation
P/M Status Feature Bug
P?M? Search in current window
P?M? Search in all open tabs
P?M? Search on device
P?M? style="background-color: lightblue;" Download Manager
P?M? Popup Blocker
P?M? Page Info
P?M? Certificate Management
P?M? Proxy Settings
P?M? Preferences

Navigating within a page

Fennec will enable quick and intuitive access to the content of interest on a given Web page.

P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M1 Standard view
P1M3 Full-screen mode
P2M3 Switch between portrait and landscape mode

P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M2 Zoom to fit page
P1M2 Zoom to fit the width of the display area
P4 Zoom to fit the height of the display area
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" Zoom to relevant section

Scrolling and panning
P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M1 CO Scrolling - discreet (e.g., page-up/down line up/down)
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" Panning - smooth movement
P1M3 style="background-color: lightblue;" Keyboard shortcuts
P2M3 Special effects

P/M Status Feature Bug
P2M3 Single column display
P1M2 Fit to width
P4M3 Fit to height
P1M3 style="background-color: lightblue;" Scrollbar-free layout
P4M3 Viewport meta tag

P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M1 Spatial Navigation
P4M3 Virtual mouse
P?M? Device API for input integration




P/M Status Feature Bug
P1M3 Add-on discovery
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" Install
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" View installed add-ons
P1M1 style="background-color: lightblue;" Remove add-on


P/M Status Feature Bug
P?M? Installation tutorials
P?M? Build tutorials
P?M? Advanved features tutorials (e.g. settings)
P?M? Canned bugzilla queries (easy-to-fix, platform specific,...)

Device integration





P/M Status Feature Bug
P2M3 Send link as SMS
P2M3 Send link as email

Developer tools

P/M Status Feature Bug
P2M3 Mobile Firebug
P2M3 Remote debugging
P2M3 XUL simulator