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Development Detail

  • Release 59 has 5 Sprints (10 calendar weeks, ~7 normal working weeks though) and we are in the 5th Sprint:
    • SPRINT#59.1: W46.1 (Nov. 13) ~ W47.7 (Nov. 26)
    • SPRINT#59.2: W48.1 (Nov. 27) ~ W49.7 (Dec. 10)
    • SPRINT#59.3: W50.1 (Dec. 11) ~ W51.7 (Dec. 24), 3 normal working days due to Austin all-hands, and the Mozilla year-end holidays
    • SPRINT#59.4: W52.1 (Dec. 25) ~ W01.7 (Jan. 07), 3 normal working days, due to the Mozilla year-end holidays
    • SPRINT#59.5: W02.1 (Jan. 08) ~ W03.7 (Jan. 21)
Sprint#59.4 Goal
  • Secure Beta 58 feature quality (e.g., PWA)
  • Bug fixing for important crashes and features
Sprint#59.5 MVP: 2 Bugs
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks
1403754 Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ''android.view.View android.view.ViewStub.inflate()'' on a null object reference at org.mozilla.gecko.home.BrowserSearch.showSuggestionsOptIn( NEW
1405192 Crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Trying to start session but it is already started at org.mozilla.gecko.telemetry.measurements.SessionMeasurements.recordSessionStart( NEW

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Sprint#59.5 BACKLOG
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks
1423587 PWA with expired security certificate should open in browser REOPENED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1430731 1212648
1427771 Blank screen when youtube exits from full-screen in custom tabs VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen]
1430731 [PWA] PWA with mixed content homepage opens 2 tabs RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648, 1423587

3 Total; 1 Open (33.33%); 1 Resolved (33.33%); 1 Verified (33.33%);

Bug Priority/Uplift Management

In general we'd target to land only on Nightly (both fixes and features), and land on Beta when requested/really have to. With that idea we adopt a similar way of the P-system that P1 means "this Nightly cycle" while P2 refers to the "future Nightly cycles". Whiteboard tags involved with above principle are:

  • For bugs considered in a specific Sprint, 3 tags will be added
    • [FNC]: short for "Fennec"
    • [SPT#XX]: Stands for the Sprint number XX (each Sprint period is defined in above)
    • [MVP] or [BL] or [INT]: stands for "MVP (must have)", "BackLog" (may have), and "INTerrupt (unplanned)", respectively
    • For example a bug with whiteboard [FNC][SPT#57.1][MVP] means it's a bug we targe to get resolved in Sprint #57.1.
  • For bugs that we intend to uplift to Beta, we'll add both "[FNC]" and "[PLANNED_UPLIFT]" in the whiteboard field. So people (e.g., Release Management) can get the visibility of potential uplifts for tracking.

Quality Assurance

Point of Contact

  • Product Management: Joe Cheng, Andreas Boven
  • User Experience: Jack Lin (General), Mark Liang (PWA), Bryant Mao (Leanplum, Onboarding), Carol Huang, Anthony Lam
  • Engineering: Nevin Chen, Max Liu, Sebastian Kaspari, Grisha Kruglov
  • Quality Assurance: Ioana Chiorean (Test Lead)
  • Program Management: Wesly Huang

  • Note
    • The above contacts are more front-end focus, and for platform relevant James Willcox (:snorp) will be the best go-to person.
    • For overall program management that you're unsure if it belongs to front-end, please feel free to ping Wesly Huang and Nicole Yee.


  • Weekly Status Sync
    • Front-end @Tuesday 3:00PM (GMT+8) Notes
    • Dev. Overall @Monday 5:30PM PST Vidyo: Mobile
    • QA Status @Thursday 4:00PM (GMT+8) Notes
  • Weekly Triage: Triage Wiki
    • Session#1 @Wednesday 1:00AM PST Vidyo: Mobile
    • Session#2 @Wednesday 9:30AM PST Vidyo: Mobile

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