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Top priority projects for 2014Q2

  • Firefox on Android: Firefox Hub - initial version shipped in GA with 2 add-ons (Fx30) and initial Tiles-like functionality with full telemetry probes (Fx31)
  • Firefox on Android: User support - contextual tips (Fx32) and first-run tips (Fx33)
  • Firefox on Android: Startup performance - kick off a project focused on measuring and improving Firefox and Webapp startup performance
  • Firefox on Android: Tablets - Complete design spec for tabbed browsing refresh
  • Firefox on Android: Search widget (Fx33)
  • Firefox on Android: Quick Share Provider functionality including support for defaults via distributions (Fx31)

Goals, stated as goals

  • Grow users and usage
    • Increase monthly unique users
    • Increase daily activity time per profile
    • Reduce the number of daily uninstalls
  • Increase revenue and establish new revenue sources
    • Increase monthly search volume
    • Increase number of revenue-generating features
    • Improve existing features towards potential revenue generation
  • Drive Firefox Accounts adoption
    • Increase total # of Firefox Accounts created on Android
  • Drive developers to adopt Firefox and/or HTML5
    • Identify top 5 pain points for developers on the mobile web
    • Increase the number of webapps for Android on the Firefox Marketplace
  • Grow contributor engagement
    • Maintain current levels of developer contributor engagement
    • Increase current levels of support, QA and documentation contributor engagement