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Firefox NMX (Focus) Mobile Team - OKR Progress Report

Last Updated: Jan 16th, 2018
Next Update: Feb, 2018

Objective Key Result Confidence Notes
Nov 22 Dec 21 Score
1. Solidify the vision, mission and strategy of NMX 1.1 Create written statement outlining the strategic path by following an impactful and solid vision and mission 99% 99% 0.5 Confident this will be complete. Definition is done. Anthony working on the doc

1/16 - Document did not make it through review before the end of quarter

1.2 Create play to win canvases 80% 80% 0.7 In progress. Barbara is actively working on this.

1/16 - completed

1.3 Communicate and publicly list the goal of the team 90% 90% 0.0 Barbara - Defined. Planning to publish on a web/wiki page.

1/16 - Communication/publishing not completed.

2. Improve Growth and Retention Strategy of our existing NMX apps 2.1 Create Amplitude taxonomy for Focus, Hopscotch etc. 90% 90% We de-scoped the integration portion of the KR for this quarter. Barbara is actively working on definition.
2.2 Identify most valuable Focus users and their motivations via Insights surveys & UR research studies, and cmore’s growth model 80% 80% In progress. Being working on by Barbara, Anthony, and Gemma.
3. Make the early success of Focus a bigger part of our overall Mobile growth 3.1 Increase Focus iOS and Android DAUs to 650K 20% 20% 0.7 Currently a little stale at 325K. No featuring in stores etc… coming up this quarter, and V4.0 impact won’t be realized until next quarter.
3.2 Implement multi-tasking and tracking protection for Focus iOS, and then keep features for iOS and Android in parity 50% 50% 0.3 Half way there. Tracking protection is complete, but not confident in Multi-tasking given holidays and all-hands impacting the rest of the quarter.

1/16 - No multi-tasking on iOS but did complete TP, and implemented features (e.g. search engines, custom URLs) on both. Got sidetracked by Fire TV at the end of the quarter.

4. The NMX Team should be able to quickly release & iterate to improve their mobile apps for end users 4.1 Deliver plan to and obtain approval from product, engineering and localization teams to standardize and simplify the l10n process for all NMX mobile apps 80% 80% 0.5 The process has been greatly simplified. Documentation is still outstanding at present but is being worked in by Susheel.

1/16 - Built a specific solution for Focus, doesn't apply well to other apps. Changes/improvements still needed.

4.2 Execute plan to standardize and simplify the l10n process for all NMX mobile apps 80% 80% 0.5 This was a stretch goal for Q4 - hopefully getting to 25% , but the simplified process is already being put to use. See 4.1.

1/16 - See 4.1 for explanation of rating

4.3 Reduce Focus iOS Crash rate by 66% 100% 100% 1.0 Complete - we have reached this goal! Currently seeing crash rate reduction exceeding our target.

4.4 Build out infrastructure to allow for A/B testing and retention campaigns in NMX mobile apps 15% 15% 0.3 This was a stretch goal for Q4 - hopefully getting to 25%.Not likely to get done this quarter, but we have made progress and do have a breakdown of the work that needs to happen.

1/16 - some planning took place but no progress on implementation

4.5 Automated build release process for both Focus iOS and Android 75% 75% 0.7 Complete for iOS. Some steps complete for Android, but dependencies on other teams prevent us from completing fully in Q4.

Scale Used for Final Scoring:
1.0 - Above and beyond what we had hoped to achieve.
0.7 - What we hoped to achieve; difficult but attainable.
0.5 - Almost what we hoped to achieve, but not quite.
0.3 - Achieved with minimal effort, or diminished achievement in face of major setbacks.
0.0 - No progress; an unacceptable result that requires explanation.