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Welcome to this new weekly meeting
  • 3 out of 4 weeks, specific items will be discussed for specific releases
  • Every fourth week, the current roadmap will be presented for a larger stakeholder review <- TODAY!
  • Meetings to occur on Tuesdays at 12:00am Eastern / 9:00am Pacific, with the exception that every 6th week they will be moved to Wednesdays at 11:00am Eastern / 8:00am Pacific
  • Public meeting via
  • Agenda items & minutes to be posted on this wiki
    • Standing item will be the review of the roadmap and any hot topics
    • Special agenda items to include feature reviews; evolution / iterations / improvements to the planning process; queries requiring cross-functional discussion
Intent, Scope & Objectives - Roadmap Review Meeting (every 4th week)
  • Create alignment across major stakeholders across the organisation
  • Establish communication channels with the common goal of increasing our active install base with the greatest mobile browser ever
  • Review the roadmap over the next 6 releases to agree on the high-level themes and priorities
  • Identify any gaps in information or process required to make the above decisions
  • Discuss major blockers or sticking points requiring cross-functional input
Intent, Scope & Objectives - Weekly Product Planning (3 out of 4 weeks)
  • Stakeholders from each stakeholder group to represent their area, their views and their activities related to Firefox mobile browser product planning
  • Focused more on details, feature reviews, specific releases, flushing out upcoming themes
  • Ensure clarity of what's going into each release, raise any possible hiccups that may occur, and ensure we're thinking about the medium & long term as well as the 'next' release
Firefox for Android Roadmap Review

Roadmap launchpad:

  • Fx 16: Casting a Wider Net
  • Fx 17: Making Things Easy
  • Fx 18: Beautiful Browsing
  • Fx 19: Ready to Partner
  • Fx 20: Game On
Other Topics for Discussion
  • Quality benchmarks per feature and per release to be contained in PRDs associated per release (see Fx 16 as an example
  • Use of meta bugs
  • Manual notification of important fixes if not part of a larger feature / function that is already tracked

Firefox for Android Roadmap Review - MINUTES

Roadmap launchpad:

Stories for Fx 16 - Casting a Wider Net
  • ARMv6 support (800 MHz & 512 MB RAM)
    • Google Solicitation feature is also able to capture feedback with associated models (as bugs and ideas)
    • AI: Lukas to give SUMO the ARMv6 device list to enable them to flag up specific feedback bugs to the ARMv6 initiative
    • Feedback coming in from SUMO channel and Google Play reviews and collected on a rotating basis between project management, release management and QA
    • Need further outreach steps to increase the visibility of the initiative to gain further data points
      • AI: Chad/Sam: reach out to PR; look into snippets that sends people to Beta (blacklisting) and Aurora (no blacklisting) channels; add example phones in as many places we can
      • AI: Brad: look at automated testing
      • AI: Chad/Sam/Karen: do we need any new locale support due to ARMv6 geographies?
  • Reader Mode
    • Initial feedback from PR is that this is a catch-up feature
    • AI: Chad/Sam: can we mould this messaging more in light of competition?
Stories for Fx 17 - Making Things Easy
  • Accessibility
    • We all agree that this is one of our main stories for Fx 17
    • AI: Chad/Sam: reach out to David Bolter to create the messaging here
  • WebApps
    • Timing of Marketplace launch to be formally confirmed
    • WebApps currently disabled in Fx 16 as a result of Marketplace not yet ready to support the developer and consumer audience [and the way the code is written, users may be able to find their way to the Marketplace, hence we have removed the ability to do so]
    • WebApps drivers meeting on Monday to discuss the end-to-end plan. AI: Erin to include Sam in this meeting
    • Key is to address whether the reason WebApps were pulled from Fx 16 still applies to Fx 17
    • This story will be monitored as the plans are set into place for alignment
    • AI: Sam/Chad/Karen: is there a vertical slice to focus on in the marketplace?
  • Media decoding
    • Discussion around whether there is enough content support to adequately show that Firefox supports H.264. Note that the end-user perspective may be that Firefox doesn't support it if we don't play it, even if Firefox technically supports it but the website doesn't recognise that the Firefox UA does support H.264
    • AI: Erin: talk to QA (Tony, Aaron Train) to coordinate specific web compat testing around this feature
    • We need this data to create appropriate messaging around this feature
    • For clarity, Firefox will support H.264 in Fx 17 (some crashes do need to be investigated)
Stories for Fx 18 - Beautiful Browsing
  • Readability
    • There is lots to do around 'readability', but we will use Fx 18 to celebrate this theme [and make continuous improvements in future releases]
    • Weekly meetings to start up again as of next week
    • Less than 3 weeks to Aurora, so need to look at features that will provide biggest bang for our buck
    • AI: Ian/Karen: to provide Mark with some suggestions on what could be included and Erin to investigate what prototypes can be done in a short period of time
  • Search improvements
    • Work has already been done on the widget, but does need to be revisited (AI: Ian to look into this)
    • Search suggestion opt-in to be included here
    • This will be a starting point to the search improvements; there will be incremental updates in future releases
  • Private browsing
    • Per-Tab private browsing will NOT make it into Fx 18, although feasible that Per-Window private browsing could. AI: Karen: need to decision on whether to launch with per-window first, or to wit for per-tab private browsing
    • The work being done includes turning off the menu item if we decide to skip per-window browsing and wait for per-tab browsing
    • UX has been designing the experience around per-tab
    • Looking for testing on nightly to get the basics flushed out until we can get per-tab to ensure all of the private data is actually being handled correctly
    • Note: private browsing has been a frequently-requested feature from the field as collected by SUMO
  • Safe browsing
    • AI: Gian-Carlo and Ian to work through anti-phishing page and other polishes around safe browsing
    • Brad thinks he can be implemented in the next week or so and is on track for Fx 18
  • Guest mode
    • Technically this could be supported, but not yet spent a lot of time on the design of this feature
    • For prioritisation of resources, we will REMOVE this feature from Fx 18 and look at supporting it in a later release
Stories for Fx 19 - Ready to Partner
  • Specific features not discussed in this meeting
  • AI: Karen: pull a meeting to discuss the specifics for Fx 19 in a separate meeting
    • Some features and improvements being driven by the Games initiatives
Stories for Fx 20 - Game On
  • Specific features not discussed in this meeting
General Discussion Points
  • Tyler from SUMO to collect feedback and send it out (Erin working with Tyler)
  • Marketing's initiatives - are they being met?
    • ARMv6 currently in Beta
    • Campaign ID being actively investigated and awaiting on an Analytics account to be activated and privacy review initiated before we can proceed much further
  • Google solicitation is currently in Fx 16 beta
  • Notifications being actively worked upon
    • Note: will no longer call this GCM or cloud-to-device or push notifications - this feature will now be called Android Snippets
    • Stretch target to get Android Snippets into Fx 17 depending on the amount of code needed client-side, otherwise target Fx 18. This is a top quarterly target, therefore resources should be prioritised as such
  • WE BROKE 1000000 (that is ONE MILLION) ADIs AS OF SEPT 11!!!!