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  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Toronto High Park Vidyo Room
  • meetings generally held on Tuesdays @ 9:00am - exceptions apply every 6 weeks
  • roadmap 2012-13 landing page
  • Sept 18 is the Weekly Product Planning meeting
Meeting Format Reminder
  • 3 out of 4 weeks, specific items will be discussed for specific releases <- TODAY!
  • Every fourth week, the current roadmap will be presented for a larger stakeholder review
  • Meetings to occur on Tuesdays at 12:00am Eastern / 9:00am Pacific, with the exception that every 6th week they will be moved to Wednesdays at 11:00am Eastern / 8:00am Pacific
  • Public meeting via
Intent, Scope & Objectives - Roadmap Review Meeting (every 4th week)
  • Create alignment across major stakeholders across the organisation
  • Establish communication channels with the common goal of increasing our active install base with the greatest mobile browser ever
  • Review the roadmap over the next 6 releases to agree on the high-level themes and priorities
  • Identify any gaps in information or process required to make the above decisions
  • Discuss major blockers or sticking points requiring cross-functional input
Intent, Scope & Objectives - Weekly Product Planning (3 out of 4 weeks)
  • Stakeholders from each stakeholder group to represent their area, their views and their activities related to Firefox mobile browser product planning
  • Focused more on details, feature reviews, specific releases, flushing out upcoming themes
  • Ensure clarity of what's going into each release, raise any possible hiccups that may occur, and ensure we're thinking about the medium & long term as well as the 'next' release

Agenda: Product Planning

Roadmap launchpad:

Other Topics for Discussion - did not get to these in this meeting
  • Feature review proposal for next week's meeting: Android Snippets touch-point
  • Quality benchmarks per feature and per release to be contained in PRDs associated per release (see Fx 16 as an example
  • Use of meta bugs
  • Manual notification of important fixes if not part of a larger feature / function that is already tracked
  • Flushing out Fx 19: Ready to Partner

Minutes: Product Planning

Beta Channel - Fx 16: Casting a Wider Net
  • ARMv6 feedback, progress, PR / visibility
    • PR not keen on continuing ARMv6 testing promotions
    • AI Sam/Chad: press the issue with the Facebook team, other avenues to try and raise visibility of this initiative
    • Feedback so far has been positive via Google Play and feedback solicitation channels
    • AI Tyler: roll up the feedback for presentation at Wednesday's mobile meeting
    • Ensure calling out example phones by name / model and not referred to simply as ARMv6
    • Can we use XDA, MDA, hacks, group of evangelists as other avenues?
      • AI Brad/Mark: write blog post on XDA
      • AI Tyler: watch the XDA channel for feedback
      • AI Karen: loop in Hacks editor to see about using that channel, and also talk to Stormy about leveraging the evangelists
    • Currently blocklisting phones that don't support OpenGL2
      • AI: bug filed to display a message to the user if they have downloaded Fennec on a phone that doesn't support OpenGL2 to capture the phones we haven't been able to blocklist proactively
  • Product Marketing readiness towards GA release
    • AI Karen, Chad, Sam: work out the messaging of various stories for Fx 16 and 17
    • AI Karen & Erin: review the draft blogs sent out by Sam
Aurora Channel - Fx 17: Making Things Easy
  • WebApps inclusion
    • Meetings around the end-to-end WebApps story being run to ensure holistic plan
  • Media decoding
    • Website compatibility vs hardware compatibility was discussed
    • QA believes that hardware decoding would be the larger source of bugs rather than website compatibility
    • Tools being developed (John Jensen), but not yet ready
    • Need top handset manufacturers with corresponding chipsets for specific testing
      • AI Irina: provide list of top devices to Kevin & Aaron, and add in corresponding chipsets
      • AI Karen: request to add top x Alexa sites to the QA test plan, trying to focus on top video sharing websites
  • Other
    • Menu optimisation: the word 'tools' needs to be localised
      • Hasn't yet landed on ightly, but will request approval and flag for l10n to see if we can get this uplifted and also to see how it feels
    • about:home customisation: decided to target 18 in order not to rush implementation on 17, but cannot be deferred beyond due to market feedback requesting this time and time again
    • Updater: to be uplifted to 17
      • AI Irina: organise call to discuss Appia support
  • Product Marketing readiness towards Beta release
    • AI Karen & Erin: review the draft blogs sent out by Sam
Nightly Channel - Fx 18: Beautiful Browsing
  • Readability initiative
    • Replacing the font in Reader Mode and possibly throughout UI
      • Need to investigate increase in file size, start-up / performance
      • Licensed font will include all Latin characters, but will require to fall back on native font for non-Latin characters
      • Need RelEng involved to determine where the font should sit AI Erin: add bug to wiki for tracking
    • Form filling / styling: this is CSS work
      • Must ensure no performance issues
      • AI Ian: present work at next week's meeting
    • Hiding URL bar
      • May not be an easy thing to do - requires further investigation
      • Lucas to work on a prototype
      • Better target may be 18
    • Font inflation: AI Erin: organise quorum to look at prototypes and make a decision on which way to go
      • Need 'reflow on zoom' feature to be effective
  • Search improvements
    • Small search widget
      • Possible to get into 18
    • Search suggestions opt-in
      • Animations under discussion, so watch this space
  • Private browsing
    • Timing of per-tab versus per-window is still under discussion
    • Dependent on platform work
    • Will keep this listed in Fx 18 but this is a risky feature for inclusion in 18
  • Safe browsing
    • On track
Other Topics for Discussion
  • Feature review proposal for next week's meeting: Android Snippets touch-point
  • Flushing out Fx 19: Ready to Partner
    • Off-cycle meeting to discuss this release specifically