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Roadmap launchpad:

Feature Review - Android Snippets
Beta Channel - Fx 16: Casting a Wider Net
  • ARMv6 feedback / quality criteria
Aurora Channel - Fx 17: Making Things Easy
  • Hot items only
Nightly Channel - Fx 18: Beautiful Browsing
  • Readability initiative - update from Ian re: licensing of fonts; form filling / styling
  • Search improvements - update on widget; search suggestion opt-in
Other Topics for Discussion
  • Use of meta bugs
  • Manual notification of important fixes if not part of a larger feature / function that is already tracked
  • Has marketing identified any product requests for Q4 / Q1 timeframe for inclusion into the roadmap?


Feature Review - Android Snippets
  • Use of the term 'campaign' will be replaced with another to avoid any misunderstandings with the Google Campaign Tracking initiative, which is separate to this feature
  • Marketing (Sam) has requested to see if we can use the audible notifications when a snippet arrives, while respecting the user's profile settings
  • Final scheduling to be determined in 2 weeks' time
  • MConnor understands the priority of this feature and the ask
  • All parties within this cross-functional project are fully engaged
  • Need to land l10n pieces (opt-in / opt-out) ASAP
    • AI Ian: to deliver UX this week; <Richard>: to organise implementation next week
  • Different sources of information have been used to capture the hardware specifications for our list of ARMv6 phones
    • Will use PDADB as the single source of truth going forward
  • Currently, phones that should be able to download and install are those that meet the minimum system requirements and OpenGL2 compatible
  • Looking at the list of the most popular ARMv6 phones from Irina, some of the specifications require correcting (there are discrepancies)
  • Want to ensure we have test results from these top phones
  • AI Mark to post a blog to the XDA forum
  • AI Karen to look at providing a sample test case to elicit specific feedback
  • Will pursue organic testing via reaching out to the community
  • Relative comparison to stock browser and not to Fennec on ARMv7
  • AI Karen to look at scrubbing up the compiled feedback spreadsheet
  • AI Erin to obtain a quote for third-party testing - Karen to then engage Paxton
  • General consensus that we don't have enough testing for the desired comfort level releasing this feature on GA
    • Alex is the most optimistic out of the group, believing our GA audience is similar to that of our Beta audience
    • Karen is more conservative in her approach due to the nature of ARMv6 users and their less forgiving nature of a buggy / sub-par experience
  • Go / No-Go decision on including ARMv6 into Fx 16 GA to be made at the next meeting (Oct 2)
Other Topics
  • Other topics have not been covered
  • These topics will either be covered via email throughout the week or deferred to the next meeting