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Roadmap launchpad:

Q4 Goals
  • Agree on product-specific Firefox on Android goals for Q4
Other Topics for Discussion
  • iOS investigation update


ARMv6 go / no-go
  • DECISION: ARMV6 will NOT go into Fx 16 GA, but will ride out another beta cycle on Fx 17
  • Only 19 unique data points have been gathered - consolidated spreadsheet of feedback
  • These few data points are not overwhelmingly positive
  • We do not want to be in the same position when we approach Fx 17 GA: we need to make use of this extra beta cycle
  • Within the next 1.5 weeks, Karen (with input) will create a plan on how to try and get more data on ARMv6 devices
    • Take into account marketing, external testers, social media outreach, ....
  • Exploration with a third-party test house should proceed, BUT we must be explicit with their methodology (test cases, bugs, hardware)
  • Product Marketing was not planning on pushing this hard, therefore it will not make a big impact to Fx 16 GA plans
  • Important ARMv6 markets are Philippines, Indonesia, India and Eastern Europe
    • In majority, Philippines, Indonesia and India use English locales so we shouldn't be hugely hampered by not having their specific locales included
    • Current list of supported locales in the multi-lang build
  • Irina to send out top ARMv6 phones for these regions for better user targeting
  • Google Play downloads grabs the model information, which can be used to give an indication of the ARMv6 audience / interest
Q4 Priorities
  • Shared the plan for Q4 priorities with the team -
  • The work is grouped by its release channel: GA on Fx 16 or 17, Beta on Fx 18, Aurora on Fx 19 or Under Investigation
  • These projects are ALL deemed priorities for completion in Q4 and are important in maintaining the health of the Fennec roadmap
  • Feedback can be provided back to Karen, Brad, Mark, Chad, Sam or Erin
  • It's prettier in slide format, but the content is as follows (current as of today's meeting):

GA: Fx 16, Fx 17

  • ARMv6
  • WebApps
  • Media Decoding

Beta: Fx 18

  • Android Snippets
  • Private Browsing & Safe Browsing
  • Google Campaign IDs
  • Updater
  • New Font
  • Select Search Improvements (search suggestions opt-in; one-line search widget)

Aurora: Fx 19

  • Android-Supported Locales
  • WebRTC (demo -> not for Aurora)
  • Reflow on Zoom
  • Metrics & Benchmarking
  • Personalisation & Customisation

For Investigation

  • First-Run UX and Next Gen Sync (BID)
  • iOS Support
  • X86 Support
  • WebRTC
Hot Items
  • Fx 17 - media decoding
    • Fx 17 will include H264 support for ICS and JB, but very unlikely we will include GB support
    • GB will come in Fx 18
    • GB users will get a mime-type error after clicking on the content
    • Product Marketing has already been planning for this phased roll-out
    • Irina re-confirmed that honeycomb and froyo numbers are very low and decreasing, therefore we will not expend cycles in implementing support for these OS versions
  • Font licensing update
    • New font not yet licensed, but Ian is working through some different options
    • Code landed that allows us to switch fonts