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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Meeting Logistics for next week
  • Moved forward an hour to accommodate the Firefox Release post mortem
Phishing & Malware Protection
  • Previously known as 'safe browsing'
  • Nomenclature for this feature going forward will be 'Phishing & Malware Protection' for consistency with desktop
Fx 20
Game On theme
  • GDC in March
  • WebAudio API due in Fx 19
  • Other aspects that we can leverage to better support Games?
    • Canvas-ing?
    • Improvements on GL?
    • Performance?
    • Getting creative with our APIs?
      • Social API integration
    • Accelerometer?
  • Banana Bread equivalent?
  • Aligning efforts with Marketplace for reaching out to the developer community
    • Sam to provide a name into the dev team
ARMv6 discussion
  • Erin walked through visual ARMv6 browser session
  • Deb pulling together test proposal and criteria
  • Deb (with Erin) pulling together an Etherpad of devices to purchase and distribute
  • Finkle pulled from our beta users the fact that 1% are on ARMv6 devices and we're not getting a lot of negative feedback from them (yay)
  • Nov 6 will serve as our go / no-go decision to include ARMv6 in Fx 17 GA