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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Google Play Store Description
  • To get a better position within Google Play store by searching, we would need to be more descriptive with our product name
  • Currently we call ourselves 'Firefox'
  • In all other product communications, we call it 'Firefox Browser for Android'
  • Has gained buy-in from Marketing levels
  • Is 'for Android' redundant?
  • Sam to circle back 'for Android' with others within the Marketing org and will provide feedback
  • Doesn't require any changes to the product - this is only the description on Google Play
Status Update on Features for Fx 17 and Fx 18
  • Fx 17
    • ARMv6 - a go
    • Media Decoding (H.264) on ICS, JB - a go
    • Marketing ID Campaign Tracking - current feature in Beta and Mark has a bug for Metrics to pull the info, and Sam will follow up on this bug
    • Final accessibility improvements on JB
  • Fx 18
    • Updater improvements -> uplifted to Fx 17 to support ESR, although some bugs reported (downloading over data connection; multiple prods)
    • Product announcements - Sam has uploaded 3 test cases and 10-15 user cases to etherpad for test runs; meeting tomorrow with service ops to gain a risk profile for 18, although hardware ordered etc
    • Support for custom fonts - a go
    • -> Timing for new web content font? - awaiting license agreement and approval for cost; can be comfortable taking this up to the 2nd beta in 18 as drop-dead date
    • Search suggestions opt-in -> a go
    • Phishing & malware protection -> some outstanding UI tweaks but shouldn't affect the operation of the feature
Roadmap Review - for discussion
  • Fx 19
    • Private browsing, per-tab -> user interface is in progress, so possible to get this into Fx19 (if it lands this week); still open back-end patches need to land. Still risky.
    • Supporting all Android locales -> likely will miss 19 as certain features don't work (any about: pages) with the current patches; we have enough telemetry data to baseline it so shouldn't be a problem adding the two Chinese locales. Mark to add these to the maemo locale list. Should push to Fx20.
    • Reflow on Zoom -> two blockers before deciding to enable by default. Missed Nov 6 deadline to make a comfort call to enable this by default for Fx19 to allow enough baking. Should push to Fx20.
    • Metrics & Benchmarking wins -> TBD
    • Light-weight themes -> has landed in Fx19 with some bugs filed against it (possible regressions) but still too early to tell whether any are blockers; plan to do some profiling; UX talking with Marketplace to support mobile so they can go out with Themes
    • ARMv6 expanded support: 600MHz, 512MB, HVGA?
    • Hiding URL bar (to support ^)? -> WIP, let's target Fx20 (important to link with QVGA support)
  • Fx 20
    • ARMv6 expanded support: 600MHz, 384MB, QVGA?
    • Guest mode -> how to pull it off that makes it easy; link with NextGen sync in Fx21?
    • Multiple profiles -> how to pull it off that makes it easy; link with NextGen sync with Fx21?
    • about:home improvements -> landing some work to customise thumbnails but some edge cases need to be worked through; good chance to have a full cycle worth to focus on this; (and also phase 2 design = swiping across)
    • Save for Later - phased?
    • X86 support? -> builds have been available since 14 but need it in nightlies (dependent on releng)
  • Fx 21
    • Integration into Google search widget
    • Small (Fx) search widget
    • Large (Fx) search widget
    • Multi-tab search
    • First-run UX
    • Next Gen sync
    • Optimisation for Ouya
    • Security enhancements?
  • Fx 22
    • Readibility improvements:
      • Offline mode
      • Different reading layouts (inc Silverfox)
  • Fx 23
    • WebRTC
  • Appia?
  • WebRT / Marketplace improvements (to be flushed out with WebRT team)
  • iOS
  • X86
  • Media decoding (H.264): GB
  • Shumway?
  • Magnifying glass