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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Google Play store searching progress
  • 3K more downloads a day
  • Went to the top 5
  • Will get way more ADI's
Google Campaign Tracking
  • bug 784157 - Shipped in Fx17
  • Next steps from marketing: which campaign to start with? One in January was mentioned when we were discussing getting this landed and uplifted for Fx17.
  • mfinkle and Sam are working with metrics to be sure the data; all the URLs for our announcements
Product Announcements Status & Next Steps
Phising and Malware
  • Landed in Fx18. List of tracking bugs and user stories:
  • Next steps: testing to confirm we are achieving product goals. What has happened so far and what do we need to do next? Do we have test cases?
  • Beta 2 & Beta 3 and be aware of stability issues; largely the same as desktop but there is some mobile-specific platform. Different schema to store on disk
Private Browsing
  • Met with JJensen & got his take on stuff
  • Got some stuff from EJ that I'm reading through, including really great notes on a bunch of benchmarks that I'm working through
  • Meeting with EJ on Wednesday to go over other stuff, including where there are still holes in our knowledge/coverage, etc.
  • Mostly just digging into it all in detail etc.
Open Forum
  • Tablet Usability (UX)
    • Tab UX: Tab side bar (dismissing is a little cludgey- content area gets resized).
    • Side bar by default will be unpinned (float) to avoid resizing
    • If you want it there, you can go into "pin" mode and you will experience the content
    • Portrait Mode requires some experimentation
Readability issues roll happening and will be published soon