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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

MozCamp Singapore
  • Gestures for oft-used browser functions (back, forward, new tab, close tab)
  • Offline browser distribution
  • modifying the Android keyboard to include oft-used punctuations and letters (eg '.com')
  • voice search
  • custom about:home based on locale for oft-used websites
  • sharing customisation settings, sounds
  • global 'reader mode' setting
Quick Status Update on Key Features for Fx 17, Fx 18 and 19
  • Fx 17
    • Any hot items from launch?
      • Why two devices weren't blocked (under investigation)
      • Pings for metrics
  • Fx 18
    • Product announcements -> 'yellow status'
    • Timing for new web content font? [awaiting license agreement and approval for cost; can be comfortable taking this up to the 2nd beta in 18 as drop-dead date] -> fonts ready to go, awaiting approval on costs and finalise agreement and will proceed only with Android scope. Beta 3 could possibly be our drop-dead (build next week), but up for discussion. Let's put it in nightly as a start.
    • Search suggestions opt-in -> a go
    • Phishing & malware protection -> some outstanding UI tweaks but shouldn't affect the operation of the feature
  • Fx 19
    • Per-Tab private browsing moved to Fx 20
    • Supporting all Android locales moved to Fx 20
    • Reflow on Zoom moved to Fx 20
    • Metrics & Benchmarking wins -> TBD
    • Light-weight themes -> any blockers? looking for performance and profiling tracking; hoping to get something on AMO for a friendly website to install themes
    • ARMv6 expanded support: 600MHz, 512MB, HVGA
      • Tile-by-tile drawing, low-res tiles, mitigating locking seeing on thread (performance optimisation)
    • Fx integration into Google search widget

Review ideas for Fx 20, 21, 22, 23

  • Fx 20
    • ARMv6 expanded support: 600MHz, 384MB, QVGA -> assets ready to go to support QVGA, project256
    • Hiding URL bar -> patch may be landed this week
    • Guest mode -> must it link with NextGen sync? no!
    • Multiple profiles -> must it link with NextGen sync? possibly not!
    • about:home customisation (thumbnails)
    • Save for Later - phased?
  • Media decoding (H.264): GB & HC -> devices will be purchased
  • Fx 21
    • Small (Fx) search widget
    • Large (Fx) search widget
    • Multi-tab search -> prototypes in the early stages
    • First-run UX -> major risk due to Next Gen sync risk
    • Next Gen sync -> major risk!
      • Dependent on Identity
    • Optimisation for TV?
      • Parity with Chrome for v1? what about v2? game consoles?
    • Security enhancements?
      • Integrating with fingerprint reader?
      • Scanning downloads?
      • Plug-ins for other protection software McAffee, Google?
  • Fx 22
    • Readibility improvements:
      • Offline mode
      • Different reading layouts (inc Silverfox)
    • Magnifying glass
    • Distributions for bookmarks, themes, logos, preferences, settings
  • Fx 23
    • WebRTC
  • Appia?
  • WebRT / Marketplace improvements (to be flushed out with WebRT team)
  • iOS
  • Shumway? -> still being staffed? add-on first?
  • X86 support (dependent on releng) -> can ship as soon as it's ready
  • Bundled themes with bookmarks (could this be an add-on)
  • Sound effects -> Ian working up a proposal with known Android and B2G sounds