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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

  • Welcome Roland! Supporting us from the SUMO team, working closely with Tyler - yay!
Mobile Devices in 2013
  • Forecast run-through by Irina
Status Update on Key Items
  • Product announcements (Fx 18)
    • Met with JR Conlin (writing the front-end campaign mgmt tool)
    • Basic functionality implemented
    • Reporting/metrics is the major dependency
    • End-to-end testing can't be finalised until metrics sorted
    • Sam touching base with user engagement team to identify the key owner
    • Client code has landed
  • Marketing campaign ID (Fx 17)
    • Erin to ping Daniel on metrics
    • Code landed in Fx 17, but need feedback on the blocklist ping
    • Need to close the loop on the security review
    • Finkle to try watching the blocklist pings are leaving the phone to check the URL (since the campaign data is in the URL)
  • Light-weight themes - channel for distribution of themes (Fx 19)
    • Themes exist on, but need a mobile-friendly site
    • Can browse on AMO for personas, but not mobile-ready yet
    • Calling them themes
    • Deb to see if a bug already exists
    • Let's ensure we have good themes on AMO ready to go
  • ARMv6: 600MHz, 512MB, HVGA - testing? (Fx 19)
    • Some devices already on hand (Aaron), want QA requirements / specs to pass
    • External testing (mob4hire) have found one failure (was out of spec) and two devices passed
    • Let's follow-up with QA team on relevant testing in the future -> AI to setup
  • Supporting all Android-supported locales (Fx 20)
    • Need builds with more data in it to get data
    • KR to email Axel on readiness of all our locales (dashboard)
    • Locales need to be solid before uplifting, so must be Aurora quality
  • ARMv6: 600MHz, 384MB, QVGA - testing framework? (Fx 20)
    • Help find Erin bugs
    • Waiting on 2 win bugs
  • Private browsing per tab (Fx 20)
    • Currently in QA
    • Chunks landed in nightly
    • Security wants to take a look / test
    • Some UI regressions and design inconsistencies (bugs being filed)
  • Benchmarketing update
    • JP has been looped into list of proposed benchmarks and will run through specific feedback on the items
    • Vlad and team has been doing mobile benchmarking work in an automated fashion (not done yet), which can include competitors
    • Will have some data by the end of the week, and in the future we should be able to add further tests to the framework
  • Website downloaded APKs as a distribution channel
    • Lots of previous conversations in the past
    • One reason we didn't implement was updater capability and confused user messaging
    • Would double the amount of builds we do (releng)
    • WebDev to put the page up
    • Extra burden on QA
    • To be thought about some more