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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Product Notes
  • Downloadable snippets project
  • zh-HK issue for Fx 19
  • Adding Alcatel and ZTE to our list of 'supported platforms'?
    • Blacklist in play store if we have purposefully ignored
    • KR to re-ping for specific devices
    • Would be good to get list of devices we have actively blacklisted
  • SUMO Feedback re: request desktop site - is there a trend on how the complainants wish this to be implemented?
    • Feedback falls into one of two categories:
      • Users want to Request Desktop site for one site. This is basically what we currently have implemented and this satisfies most users. Not all users know about this feature, so we should engage in some education around it.
      • Users want to Always request Desktop, making it the default state for mobile. There is currently an extension (two addons: phony, desktop by default) to resolve this, but with 5,907 users it may not have the reach to help all users who want this feature.
  • Adding further locales - Erin to continue driving the topic
    • Need to know whether any additional locales can be included in Fx20
      • QA looking for breakage
      • QA to look at linguistic quality of proposed strings
    • Aurora can use to check readiness of locale strings
    • Need to check metrics and compare to current multi-locale build
    • Axel taking the patch to public discussion
Short Term Readiness
  • ARMv6 readiness - QA efforts (hardware)
    • Need 2 reference devices running 600/384/HVGA and 2 reference devices for QVGA
    • Aaron to touch base with Kevin re: hardware
  • Distribution support for Gigabyte (and others!)
    • Partner Distribution document written up, passed for review to Finkle, Blassey and Deb prior to expanding to larger group
    • KR to look at
    • if on a ROM, distribution file needs to go outside of the apk so will give 2 files: standard apk and distribution file
    • need to figure out where to put the distribution file - we have a proposal
MWC Readiness
  • WebGL - Brad organising which demo to load on devices
  • Customization - Ian progress / needs for extra carrier mock-ups
  • Action Item for Sam/Erin to create a doc with specific set-up instructions <== this should be done by Friday